Get Checked Out

This is a significant issue, and advertisements are being used to demonstrate the importance of getting a mammogram.

This commercial is extremely creative and entertaining. The actress walks around with a hidden camera in her Nestle Fitness bra and there is a running count of how many people look at her breasts. This could be seen as objectification, but there are many men and women who look at her. The message of the ad is unclear until the end of the commercial. At first, I thought it was just a bra commercial. The end of the ad shows this statement: “your breasts are checked out everyday, when was the last time you checked out your own?” A funny and clear message urging people to get there breasts checked for cancer regularly. They even include #checkyourselfie in an attempt to get this ad trending on Twitter. Nestle fitness gets to advertise the new bra they have on the market and make a statement about the importance of breast cancer awareness.

The ad is memorable and funny. My favorite shot is the baby looking at the woman’s chest. There is also a behind the scenes video below the commercial. I found it interesting that the actress mentioned the need for women AND men to get checked. I never considered that breast cancer awareness is important for men. Nestle’s ad will get attention from both genders.

Most breast cancer advertisements are far simpler and less creative than the Nestle ad. This commercial featuring actress Demi Moore is a more serious call to get checked for cancer. She appeals to our emotions and uses her recognizable status to aid the awareness. I find this ad to be far less memorable and therefore, less helpful to the cause. Although Demi Moore is a public figure and she has a good message, there is nothing to make people remember this ad. It is far more effective to creatively raise awareness for breast cancer by producing ads like the Nestle commercial.

References: “Nestlé’s ‘Bra Cam’ Catches People Stealing Glances, but There’s a Fun Twist Ending.” AdWeek. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2014. .

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