This was a very interesting cross between an advertisement and a public service announcement. The advertisement begins with famous rapper Lil John on the phone with his aunt talking about how he is going to the midterm votes. When he shows up, he is surrounded by a diverse set of people from the younger generation, many of which are famous. Each member of this diverse group of people say what they are voting for and what they believe in, such as reproductive rights, or equal marriage rights.

The question I was left with after the advertisement, is how seriously will people take this message? Lil John was a risky choice because of some of the controversial topics that he sings about. And when he states that he is for the legalization of marijuana, it made me feel like the message wasn’t as serious, almost like the advertisement was more a joke, rather than actually trying to portray a meaningful message.

However, because of the target market (millennials), the strategy may work because of the hip and cool aspects of the advertisement, like incorporating the popular party song “Turn down for what” into a message, or having a famous actor and fitness trainer be in the video.

Overall, I think that this advertisement will be successful, though it may push the limits as far as who its target market could be. If a viewer disagrees with any of the statements in the advertisement, then they may disregard the true message.


  • Do you think that the message of this advertisement is impacted by the use of comedy?
  • Will this advertisement actually attract a younger demographic to vote about these serious issues


3 thoughts on “TURN OUT FOR WHAT

  1. I really liked this ad. I think its funny and entertaining, but also gets a good messages across. I don’t think it really matters what they are voting for as long as they are encoring people to vote. Having all of the different celebrities helps them reach a broad audience, not just those who like Lil’ John. Over all I think it’s great and will be effective.


  2. I enjoyed this ad. I thought it was entertaining to use Lil’ Jon and his song Turn Down For What. I didn’t know all of the celebrities in the video, but I thought it was great that they all talked about what they were voting for. I think it could reach a lot of the younger demographic and has pushed me to do more research and become more educated to vote for this year’s midterms.


  3. Personally, I think this method of celebrity endorsed public service announcements are much more effective. This is entertaining but it still gets the message across. Normally celebrity PSAs are so sullen and difficult to sit through. Definitely a nice change of pace.


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