Starbucks on TV

During fall break I explored many areas in the city of Chicago. There are so many magnificent museums, parks, exhibits, restaurants and shows that amaze all my guests who come in to visit. My aunt, who visited me from DC, walked all over downtown and Michigan Ave for hours. We noticed that besides the amazing attractions, architectural sites and a beautiful lake that everywhere we turned there was literally a Starbucks at every corner! This got me thinking about how often Starbucks affects people’s everyday lives.

Every time I’m in class, there is at least one student near me who has a the white coffee cup with the green logo. Whenever my friend’s want to spend very little money we chose the nearest Starbucks to meet up. When I’m bored at the airport, I look for a Starbucks to fill up on a delicious hot chocolate, or a passion tea if I’m on a diet.

Why is it that Starbucks has become a popular hangout and go-to when we’re in different settings all over the globe?

One explanation for Starbuck’s smooth transition into individuals daily lives is based on their global campaigns. The Seattle Times recently reported that Starbucks is currently “launching a global television advertising campaign that doesn’t peddle frappucinos, lattes or tasty pastries- but rather the idea that the coffee giant’s shops are a great place to hang out” (1).

Starbucks has always been identifying themselves as the “third place” to go in your daily life to socialize- apart from your work and home. They will now be incorporating their concept of being the “third place” in an expensive TV ad campaign.  Have you ever seen Starbucks being advertised on TV? The answer is no. This will be the first time EVER that Starbucks will pitch about the identity of their company, but not about their products.

The ad is going to be a documentary- style shot at 59 different stores in 28 counties over a one 24- hour period. The locations are international and national including: Prague, Tokyo, New York, Hawaii and California. The reasoning why they shot globally was due to Starbucks  strategy of pushing their company out of the US market due to it’s plans for long-term growth in international operations.

What do you think about Starbuck’s strategy of introducing a TV ad in order to communicate about the brand?

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3 thoughts on “Starbucks on TV

  1. I think that Starbucks is launching a TV ad so that it can attract many demographics at once. If they were just to do a social media campaign, that would generally only attract and be exposed to a younger demographic.


  2. I think Starbucks introducing TV advertisements can only be positive for the company. Starbucks is already a household name in coffee shops, and commercials just add to that. Personally, I am excited to see these new commercials. As an avid Starbucks drinker, I enjoy seeing the new advertisements the company is able to come up with.


  3. It is definitely time for Starbucks to begin TV advertisements. McDonalds is pushing its McCafe and using TV advertisements to do so. I think Starbucks needs TV advertisements to remain relevant in people’s minds.


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