Okay Google, Way to Change The Advertising Game

Advertisers have to get creative now a days to keep up with our rapidly changing culture. Normal commercials and advertisements just don’t get peoples attention the way they used to. Consumers will see ads, but have no drive to pursue them further, unless it sparks their curiosity.

New innovative ideas must be used to get their messages across, like “BBDO Düsseldorf special window for public transportation that uses a transmitter to silently release high-frequency oscillations that your brain will convert into sound” (2). This way advertisers can literally get inside your head.

Google is trying something new too. Their new campaign to promote the Google App has “been woven into the fabric of New York City” (1).

A Google Rep told AdFreak, ”Google search has always been about inspiring curiosity and enabling discovery. This is the inspiration behind encouraging New Yorkers to re-look at familiar landmarks—both big and small—in a new light. By pairing interesting questions with visually intriguing placements we hoped to cut through all the sights and sounds of the city that compete for attention.” (1)

These ads make people interested, and in turn, they look to their phones in order figure out exactly what this app can do. It may reach a low customer base, but Google is taking a risk and trying something brand new. These cute and clever ads appear in the most unconventional places, but make consumers ask questions. They are not intrusive, but instead make the viewer want to know what they are. I have never seen a campaign like this, but I would like to see more.

How would you feel about seeing ads like these? Do you think they can be effective?


(1) Nudd, T. (2014, October 8). Google Embeds Itself in NYC With Some Delightful Site-Specific Outdoor Ads. Retrieved October 9, 2014, from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/google-embeds-itself-nyc-some-delightful-site-specific-outdoor-ads-160636

(2) Kiefaber, D. (2013, July 1). Vibrating Train Windows Will Soon Transmit Ads Directly Into Your Skull. Retrieved October 9, 2014, from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/vibrating-train-windows-will-soon-transmit-ads-directly-your-skull-150936

6 thoughts on “Okay Google, Way to Change The Advertising Game

  1. I think this is a really cool and unique marketing strategy that Google is using. It is reaching consumers who are out and about doing things rather than those sitting at home watching TV or surfing the web. It is also more likely to get consumers engaged by using the Google app to fact check the various ads they see. I know if I saw one of these ads I would want to know the answer to the questions posted in these random places just for the sake of curiosity. It also has the power to expose the Google voice app to those who have never used it before, and maybe let them see how useful it can be.


  2. Google has always been innovative and “game changers” so it makes sense that they would have to up their game when it comes to advertising. They are such an unique company that these advertisements are very creative and innovative. It makes sense that they would hire only the BEST ad men and woman to come up with these intriguing ads. The bowling ball is pure brilliance as well as making themselves incorporated into famous locations in New York. VERY COOL.


  3. It’s hard not to love the technological wonders that Google produces, however, I do think that just because they invented it, doesn’t mean they need to force it down consumers throats. For example, the window sounds advertisements are getting to be just a little too much. I think it would be ineffective with very little result.


  4. Great job Google! I think this is an awesome new way to advertise. I would actively look for these ads around town just because I would get to learn interesting facts. Google is clearly the most dominant search engine and this reiterates that. A common question in my house is “Can you google something for me?” This ad tells people to use Google is a more fun way. This ad is definitely effective to me.


  5. This is very unique, which total fits Google’s image. Not only does it promote Google’s presence, but also calls audiences to take action and use the app. Absolutely genius!


  6. I think this is one of my favorite advertisements right now. It is so innovative and ties in something in the physical world with technology. I would love to see something likes this around when I’m walking through the city. It definitely sparks curiosity and reinforces that Google continues to be creative and powerful.


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