Gap has decided to rebrand their overall marketing campaign. While their clothes have always been simple and somewhat “normal,” Gap is pushing for people and average consumers to lighten up and worry less about what they wear. One of the marketing agents involved in this campaign discussed the importance of actions speaking louder than clothes. In this campaign, Gap is trying to get people to use their actions, rather than clothing, to tell people about their personalities. People who don’t need clothes to tell people about themselves should buy Gap’s simple and elegant clothes. They have received some criticism for this campaign because using the word normal can cause problems with people who don’t want to dress in Gap’s style. Are these people not normal anymore? It also creates a problem in the advertising industry. Because we can manipulate what people think is every day life and how things should be, using the word normal can be definitive in a negative way. In other words, creating a culture where Gap’s clothing is the only acceptable type of style may not be the best world to live in. All creativity and personality is dulled.

Overall though, this campaign is great for Gap’s target audience, as most of their loyal consumers do not want to wear crazy leopard print leggings or skull crop tops.

Gap’s use of celebrities also give the campaign weight and authority.

5 thoughts on “DRESS NORMAL

  1. This article definitely caught my attention. Gap has had very creative advertisements in the past and they stepped up the game this time! By incorporating personality traits (i.e. normal) into their clothing this will inspire new customers and continue to keep their longterm customer’s buying more from them. I personally don’t understand why people are viewing “normal” as a bad word in their ad. I think it’s excellent!


  2. I am not a fan of this campaign. The visual advertisements have been very dull. I think it is possible to advertise a simple wardrobe without being boring. Celebrity personalities do give the campaign some credibility, but I think Gap still has some work to do.


  3. Personally, I think the “Dress Normal” campaign is stupid, because it seems that Gap is fitting consumers into a box of how they should dress instead of promoting individualism and self-expression. It is very limiting.


  4. I have no problem at all with this ad. It seems as though most people who take issue with it take offense with the idea that Gap is not promoting “being yourself” or “expressing yourself.” Well, companies do not have to send that message if they want to, and some people do view themselves as “normal.” So, for some people, Gap actually is promoting being themselves. To me, the bottom line is that every store appeals to a certain type of person, so while some people take offense with the idea that Gap is promoting dressing “normal”, others will surely take offense to the idea that other stores out there are promoting dressing like a hipster. At the end of the day, everyone is going to find a way to take offense to something, and I think that is just something we have to live with.


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