How Does a PSA reach an Audience ?

I am not the first and only person who is going to preach to my audience on how the world has changed in the last decade. We all know that we are more focused on the screens that are on the pockets or in our backpacks than the environment around us. The version of the world where we sit down and watch Television for a couple of hours at night is rapidly disappearing. Now we live in an age where we are on the go constantly scrolling through massive amounts of information through the touch of our thumbs. It is a rare instance where we stop ourselves from the thumb exercises and actually take in the information that is being projected towards us. I found an article where it put (what the author believed to be) the top ten most viral ads of the last year. There were some that I personally didn’t agree with, and others that I believed had no focus on advertising whatsoever.

However, I cannot deny that the articles did feature some ad campaigns that touched on very sensitive and powerful topics. The ads in this article went on to talk about such things such as war, togetherness, and human kind being apart of something bigger than the actual picture that is given. Now the question is, are these ads effective? Do they reach out to their target audience correctly? I’m going to one of the ads featured in this article and analyze through my personal perspective of whether or not it has successfully fulfilled their main objectives. The ad that I want to bring to the spotlight is the one titled, “Save the Children.” This ad uses 1-2 second clips of a child that is living a normal childhood celebrating her birthday in an un-named country. However, as the ad progresses through out the year the audience then sees the shots becoming more glum, and violent as the child is experiencing some time of war that is occurring in her hometown. The ad closes as the year comes to an end and we see a closing shot of the child celebrating her birthday within a hospital setting. The whole ad was promoting a stop to war that is currently being experienced in Middle Eastern countries. The ad cruelly, but effectively brought from the dark of what happens to the children that live in wartime country. Personally, I found that one ad hit home and truly made an impact on my life.

As I’ve stated before, it is rare that we find something that makes us stop and take the time to really view life as it is; it is sad to think of how indifferent we have become to the events that are occurring in the world. This ad is one of those rare instances that will make a person stop from staring in the glowing screens in their hands and actually look at what is going in the world around them.

3 thoughts on “How Does a PSA reach an Audience ?

  1. I hardly ever pay attention to public service announcements I see on TV. The announcements that really get my attention are the Amber Alerts and Severe Weather notifications that I get directly to my phone. If more public service announcements were delivered to my computer or mobile devices, I would be more likely to see them and maybe even pay attention.

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  2. I feel that we have become blind to PSAs that we see on TV. We’ve become so consumed in what we are taking in that if it’s not something of our interest or something that pertains to us directly then we dismiss it completely.


  3. I rarely see public service announcements on TV, and that is probably because I do not watch the channels they mainly air on. But when I do see a powerful commercial, I make sure to share it with my friends and family. It is hard to make and 30 to 60 second commercial meaningful, so when a cause or company is able to do that it makes it more powerful.


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