Get Teleported?

Marriott has introduced it’s “Travel Brilliantly” campaign.  “The hospitality chain is taking to major cities a display in which consumers, wearing an Oculus Rift headset, can step into a phone booth-like “Teleporter” and be whisked to Black Sand Beach in Hawaii and the top of Tower 42 in London. ”  The goal of this new campaign is to entice “next-gen” travelers.  This campaign is designed to help replace the typical hotel pictures seen on a website and try to get the younger generation of travelers to see what the hotel has to offer in a more life-like perspective.  Marriott is encouraging their visitors to use #GetTeleported, to share their experiences also in a way to attract younger travelers through social media.

Personally, I feel people our age do not end up caring what their hotel is like because they are more interested in what the actual destination has to offer.  Most people just use the hotel as a safe place to keep their luggage and have a place to sleep.  I believe most travelers are concerned with price and location these days, rather than the total “experience” of the hotel.

Also, from the video shown in the article, the experience in the Oculus Rift headset is a bit strange.  It is slightly nauseating and reminded me of the “drunk goggles” you are given in middle school and high school to experience what drunk driving is like.  I also didn’t feel as though it gave me a better perspective of what the hotel was like any more so that looking at pictures of the interior of the hotel on the website.

Does the Travel Brilliantly campaign entice you to pack up your things and stay in a Marriott?

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2 thoughts on “Get Teleported?

  1. There is NO WAY that’s an actually advertising campaign… wow. That was like a bad acid trip or a deleted scene from Inception. It made me glad to be at home, safe and sound. When I book hotels, I really just look for nice decor (aka not cheesy or in bad taste), free breakfast in the morning, and cheap prices. I was just in Europe for the spring semester and I stayed in budget hostels every time I travelled and the hostels are 100% more appealing than whatever the hell that video was trying to get at.


  2. Honestly, I don’t think Marriot really thought this campaign through. The video was hard to follow and didn’t make a lot of sense. But more than that, the idea is not great. People do not choose their hotels based on fancy videos. Location is key, but more specific to the hotel – prices. At this point most hotel experiences are pretty much the same, if you want to stand out as a hotel, offer a low cost experience that feels expensive.


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