Let’s Stay Connected (Starbucks Remix)

With today’s advancements in technology, our definition of “staying connected” has changed. Connecting with someone now means shooting a text message. Texts, Facebook statuses, and tweets are our ways of sharing our lives. Those are how we get to know people and their lives.

Now I can be in my pajamas while in my comfy bed (in Chicago) and have a full conversation with my friends in California or even my family members in the Philippines. I can check on anyone’s life without even asking him or her how it’s going, because I can easily log into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and check on his or her profile. So with today’s technology, are we still REALLY connected?

Well, Starbucks has an answer for us. With a series of video advertisements, Starbucks wants to change how we connect with people. These videos, of course, are promotions for coming and chatting in their coffee shops. However, it goes beyond that.

The videos all have the same format. They start off with a visual text conversation, mimicking how texts look on an iPhone. Voice actors read the conversations, as if it’s actually happening in person. The texts go back and forth, but all of a sudden the screen goes blank. The conversation continues, but now it’s in person.

The dialogue now has so much more depth, and intimacy. For example, one of the videos has a conversation between a dad and daughter. The dad says, “You look great!” At first I was thinking, “Anyone can text that. You can say that to anyone even if it’s through passing.” The next part of the conversation definitely pulled my heartstrings. The daughter replies, “Thanks dad. Oh, here! You can feel her kick.”

After watching Starbucks’ video ads, I realized how many conversations I have over text. There’s many times in a conversation where I wish I could read their face or look into their eyes. There’s many times in a conversation where I wish I could share important news in person to show how I feel and see the other person’s reaction. There’s no better feeling than the IN PERSON connection. There’s no better feeling than creating sharing memories together. Texts just aren’t enough. Let’s not forget to build closeness and tend to our relationships, especially in the age of technology. It’s not just about the message we communicate, but how we share that message.

So why don’t you go into a Starbucks coffee shop and meet an old friend? Or your dad? Or your significant other? Kudos to Starbucks. Job well done! Thanks for not only thinking about your business, but our relationships as well.

Here’s some other Starbucks videos! Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Connected (Starbucks Remix)

  1. I love how starbucks made their ads not just about the coffee but the culture as well. To come in to a cafe and talk over coffee has been a large tradition world wide but with all tech we seem to have lost it and I love that starbucks is bringing it back.


  2. Starbucks has done an excellent job about making their coffee an entire lifestyle. I enjoy how Starbucks is connecting to our culture, and bringing their product into it. Bringing back that human element and the act of conversation – just of course, do it at a Starbucks.


  3. I absolutely love the new ads that Starbucks has come out with. To connect both our culture and ourselves to a company that we all love was awesome! I think they did a really awesome job of making the viewer think about how they are communicating with their friends and loved ones. I know from a personal perspective, that after I watched it I immediately thought about going to Starbucks to catch up with some old friends.


  4. This is such a great ad that brings attention to society’s dependence on technology for communication. There is a huge difference between texting conversations and a conversation in person. Starbucks always does a great job of being more than just a coffee company. It offers it’s consumers the opportunity to make memories and experiences.


  5. I love this too. I overheard some younger teens talking on the train the other day about how they wish they could’ve grown up when technology wasn’t so big like how their parents grew up. They said social media makes them obligated to connect online and they sometimes just wish they could talk to people more often face to face instead of everything through text or posts online and then people starting drama because someone read something the wrong way etc. I thought it was interesting. I like starbucks approach to this and is a good way to build a relationship with their consumers.

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