GE – Ideas Are Scary

GE recently released a new TV spot, and this time it centered on “ideas”. “Ideas” take the form of these sad, mangy creatures that no one wants to pay any attention to because straying from the know way of doing things is scary. Critics were quick to judge, ripping heavily on the sad nature of the piece. They say that it is too sad for consumers to watch and their attempt to uplift at the end is too feeble. Anyone watching this commercial would just be downright sad at the end of seeing it.

I disagree. The first time I saw this commercial it captured my attention right away. Sure it was super sad, but I found the ending so beautiful. It was so different from any commercial I had seen before, those that usually play on common stereotypes, and that’s why I liked it. I think it is original and raw and that GE tells a wonderful story. Creating real emotion that can be conveyed through a television screen is a challenge for most advertisers, but GE manages to really capture something special. They play off the basis of risk, and the importance of taking risks in life. What do you think about this spot?

This week we talked a lot about positioning. Positioning is key to a brand because it dictates how a consumer is going to view them. GE has always been seen as in innovator in the space. This commercial really stays true to that image they are trying to create. All of their commercials showcase that they are a leader in the industry and that this is defined by the risks that they take. They have no boundaries. They choose to play upon their fearlessness and how this has been a part of their history and carries them into the future—as they bring the future to others.


So while maybe to some, GE utilized the element of sadness too heavily to tell a story, it definitely captures the audience’s attention. It is so out of the box, that in turn you see GE as a company who pushes the envelope too. As a company who will believe and support what is right for the future. Now that’s something consumers can take comfort in.

Check out how GE continues to be an innovator at their Tumblr page!


Bazilian, E. (n.d.). Ad of the Day: Ideas Are Feared and Neglected in a World of Shortsighted Cretins, Says GE. Retrieved September 25, 2014.

One thought on “GE – Ideas Are Scary

  1. I really loved this commercial and how it establishes GE as a brand that not only accepts the scary new ideas but embraces and works with them to make them more and better it sets the tone not only for GE as an innovator but also as a brand who accepts what is different which is so important today.


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