Flying Without Wings

This is an era that many great products keep coming out. Many brands became famous to us through creative ads or commercials. Sometimes, other companies will borrow or even contest those advertising ideas of those “big names”, so they can achieve the goal that fly without wings.
The first example is a very classy one from last year: during Halloween last year, Pepsi uploaded a picture of a Pepsi dresses up as a coke cola, with the sentence that “we wish you a scary Halloween!” But coke cola didn’t simply talk back, soon the same image was uploaded on coke cola’s official account, but the sentence has changed: “everybody wants to be a hero.” It suddenly changes people’s attitude towards coke cola from something scary to heroic, and reacts to Pepsi in a smart way. They took advantage of this challenge and gain consumers’ affection by humor and wisdom.

As we all know, Apple has just launched their new iPhones: iPhone 6 and Iphone6 plus. It has become a ritual that Tim Cooks will play a video to show the details of new iPhone and how amazing it is. It is very obvious that even people think Apple is losing its originality and creativity, the brand is still endorsed by most consumers and people are booking it within days.
Then it won’t be hard for us to understand why Ikea uploaded an interesting commercial to introduce their product: book book. This is not a real product, but just a catalog book of Ikea. But they totally imitate the idea of Apple’s video and even have their own chief design Jorgen Eghammer to talk about their “book book”. He is really making the excitement look and compared their “product” with Apple’s, and it also achieved 77,321 likes when I wrote this blog!

There are more times that you don’t even need to use someone else’s wings: you just wait for the right wind, and it will naturally take you there. By capturing the right news or right timing, the advertising effects will enlarge without extra work.
These days, people are talking about the second royal baby in the U.K. Because it means hope and joy in this moment that people are disturbed by news like war or ISIS or virus in Africa. So smart companies will catch this opportunity to promote themselves. This is what PizzaExpress did on Twitter:


There are also many other examples indicate that brands can achieve their advertising goals when they seize the opportunities. In conclusion, as long as corporations or businesses can be timing-and opportunity cautious, success are await in the near future!

One thought on “Flying Without Wings

  1. Often times even if I don’t particularly like a product or brand when they have witty ads like this it makes me like them just a bit more because of their creativity and humor to take the convention of another brand and make it their own.


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