Fighting terrorism in the tube?

A new poster will appear for four weeks starting Monday in New York City’s Subway, as well as (modified as a banner) plastered to the back of 100 buses.  This might seem like nothing extraordinary, except that the posters are shameless attacks on people of Islamic faith.

Masquerading beneath a “we stand with Israel” message, the xenophobic posters call for some unspecified “action”, such as imposing harsher transit-security in order to c

Sounds like a wonderful plan.

ombat potential jihadists.  Six total designs are being displayed, ranging in imagery from the fuhrer to a well-known british rapper who supposedly converted to Islam.  All are incredibly negative and offensive to anyone even remotely associated with the religion.

This isn’t freedom of speech anymore — it’s hate speech, condemned by the mayor, but spouted relentlessly by a radical few (The American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose blogger-founder is responsible for the ads).  Unfortunately, when the case was appealed in court, TAFD got a permit to display their ads in 10 Subway stations.  The thinly-veiled racism of the posters alludes to supporting “civilized” measures… Are generalizations and a fear-based attack truly the most civilized form of debate, or PROTECTION?

Benjamin Franklin once said “the man who would sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither.”  In today’s world, increasingly, It seems like a second after he said that, everyone promptly forgot.  I hope this organization and its posters soon fade out of the limelight — it’s not like they’re helping, or as if we don’t get enough hot air on the subject as it is.

Ziv, S. (2014, September 24). Controversial Anti-Muslim Ads Coming to New York City Transit. Retrieved September 25, 2014, from

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