Facebook Fights the Ad Battle

Facebook has come under controversy by some of its users recently, for a variety of reasons. Millions of people use Facebook, and with the amount of personal data published online, it is a gold mine for potential advertisers. But its users get more frustrated the more advertisements they see, especially when they discovered that Facebook sometimes sells their information to third parties for advertisements. So when Facebook announced that it was going to be coming out with a new advertising program, its users paid attention. The Wall Street Journal originally came out with the information, and technological bloggers have been paying attention since the headline.

Atlas is the name of the new advertising program for Facebook, and it allows for advertisers to put their advertisements on Facebook more easily. It allows them to bid for space, pick and choose where they want their advertisements, and track the amount of engagement they are getting with their advertisements. The most important feature is the new tracking feature, that allows marketers and advertisers to see better information on how well their ads are doing on Facebook. This could be a double edged sword – while it attracts advertisers so they can see how good they are doing on Facebook, if they get poor performing data, then they may choose to leave Facebook as a medium.

Facebook advertisements bother its users, and as a result they tend to ignore the ads. When was the last time that you clicked on a banner ad on Facebook? Odds are, it wasn’t recently. We ignore the clutter on our news feeds, and scroll simply down the central column of the page to see our friend’s updates. As advertisers are now going to have a better idea of their engagement on Facebook, if they are not able to get the results they want, they might pull out. While Facebook isn’t going broke anytime soon, it could be a new chapter in advertising and social media.

One thought on “Facebook Fights the Ad Battle

  1. I think situations like this really bring to light the ethical dilemmas that we’re faced with in an industry like this. Facebook of course has to make a profit and succeed as a business but at the same time it almost seems like exploitation of its customers to be using their information so freely without their understanding of whats going on.


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