Budweiser’s New Ad in a League of its Own

If you’ve been on social media in the past week it’s likely you’ve come across Budweiser’s new ad and if you’ve seen it, you know exactly which one I’m talking about. On Friday, Budweiser released the new ad as part of AB InBev’s fifth annual Global Be(er) Responsible Day. The Ad features a man and his dog living and growing over time from the day he brought his dog home as a puppy to several years and many Budweisers later. But the reason the ad has been so successful and sharable is that it does something no other alcohol company has been brave enough to do, they directly address the subject of drunk driving. Towards the end of the commercial, the man leaves his dog home with friends and a pack of Budweiser yet as the night goes on the dog waits up for his owner and across the screen comes the tagline, “For some the waiting never ends”. The ad not only acknowledges the lives lost to drunk driving but it also provides a solution. The next morning the owner returns saying he decided not to drive and stay at a friend’s house that night. The ad then closes out with the hashtag #friendsarewaiting.

The ad has been a viral success because it not only features a cute puppy but it separates itself from other beer commercials by putting a face to the victims of drunk driving, the driver is not the only victim but with #friendsarewaiting we realize we are not the only victims. I really liked this ad because it made things personal and was real. It was not just another beer commercial depicting good times but revealed some of the harmful effects that alcohol can have. It was a risk for Budweiser to address drunk driving but they did so successfully not just by making it personal (and adorable) but by also providing a solution, to stay over and not drive drunk. Most other alcohol commercials feature the tagline “drink responsibly” in their ads but it is never featured in the ad and more just an afterthought because it is required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.  However, due to the success of Budweiser’s new ad it opens the doors for other alcohol companies to address the topic of drunk driving and if others were to take it on and it were to become prominent in the media it might be able to inspire some real changes.


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5 thoughts on “Budweiser’s New Ad in a League of its Own

  1. While I find it very admirable that a company like Budewiser would dedicate an entire commercial to raise awareness about the negative consequences of drunk driving, I did not find this ad to be very effective for me. However, I think that my lack of a connection with this ad is due to the fact that I am not an animal person, so the idea of a dog losing its owner really doesn’t make me feel anything. However, if the dog were replaced with a child, I think that this ad would have been extremely powerful to me. This is not to say that the ad was not effective as a whole, because I do realize that most people do love pets, so I think that this ad, for the most part, did a good job of reaching its audience.


  2. I think that this advertisement was very effective. It pulled on your heart strings, and what young adult doesn’t have good memories when it comes to their dog? It sends their message, but doesn’t turn them off of drinking entirely. They still have to advertise their product, not make you not want Budweiser.


  3. I agree with the earlier comment in that I don’t feel like I particularly related to this advertisement. If instead of a dog it was a group of friends, a sibling or family member or a boyfriend I probably would’ve felt more for the ad. On the other hand, I do appreciate that Budweiser created this ad because even though it is talking about the bad effects of alcohol, it shows that we can make good choices in order to prevent bad things from happening. I personally appreciate that they mad a commercial that talks about drunk driving and how it can and should be avoided.


  4. I think Budweiser did an excellent job with this ad. First of all like you said they are addressing the exact reason why so many people don’t drink in certain situations which is drunk driving. Everyday we lose people to this intoxication. Secondly I loved how they used a puppy. Its not rocket science, everyone loves cute dogs. Although the company has used this selling point (animals) in former commercials, I think it is really great to show the connection that he dog has with his owner. This not only connects us with our pets, but also with our family, loved ones, etc who we have grown up with and who love us.


  5. I first saw this commercial in my consumer behavior class and found it to be very effective. After the video was shown, the professor asked for opinions, and if anyone was against the ad or did not find it effective. Everyone agreed that they thought it was revolutionary. Not only do most of us loved dogs, or our pets in general,we also want someone waiting for us at the end. Whether that be an animal, a friend, or family. Also it touches upon the issues of drunk driving, while promoting their beer. It was a win-win for them and I believe other companies will follow.


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