Android On Their A-Game

As goes the tradition, much hoopla and excitement surrounds any new release of Apple products. It comes as no surprise that the long awaited iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus held so much hype.
There came a great amount of disappointment equal to that blind excitement when as fate would have it, there have been some “technical” difficulties with the new product. Nothing complex, nothing above our heads. . . simply put the problem is that iPhone 6 bends when any pressure is put on it.

If you would believe it some people have the crazy idea to put their iPhone in their back pocket—Revolutionary I know—and apparently when this happens the iPhone unfortunately has the propensity to begin to bend out of shape.
This unfortunate problem has started the social media trend “#bendgate” which has highlighted disappointed customers experiencing faulty products.

A wide known fact is that there is much debate and competition between Android phones and iPhones. If you think Androids took this faulty iPhone fluke and ran with it, you would be correct.
Within no time at all, Samsung-creature of the Samsung Galaxy, a popular android)- was tweeting clever product endorsements that brought the iPhone 6 to shame. They shared a picture of their newest product, a curved edition of the Galaxy Note-edge, with the simple caption. “Curved. Not Bent.”

They also have a not-yet-endorsed advertisement in which the iPhone 6 is bowing down (in its bent shape) to the Samsung product with the caption “Bend to those who are worthy.”

I think these shots at Apple are incredibly well played and remain somewhat tasteful where there is room for unprofessionalism. Why would Samsung miss a perfectly organic opportunity to promote their flaw-free product while showing the inferiority of their competitor’s product?


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2 thoughts on “Android On Their A-Game

  1. When I see ads like these, I really think it’s really witty. But when it comes to commercial, I do know if it could still be tasteful and not insulting to Apple fans.


  2. I understand why Samsung would present this kind of advertising, but at the same time, it does give the perception that Samsung is scared of Apple’s success. It is definitely like the bully on the school playground.


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