American Horror Story: Twisted Tease

American Horror Story has been instilling fear and sleepless night to many people since it’s first episode in 2011. The show that picks different characters and settings every season has become one of the most popular shows, with an increase from around 2.5 millions viewers on average to 4 million viewers on average for their most recent season.

The question is, how did AHS jump to such popularity only in the recent year when the show had been going on for a couple years now. I only started watching the show before it’s third season, American Horror Story: Coven premiered. The show can attribute a lot of it’s success to social media and it’s innovative advertising. What makes American Horror Story advertisements different are they are little teasers that have little to nothing to do with the plot of the actual story. Yet, these clips are filled with eerie characters, full on make up and costume, with dynamic feel.

The purpose of a teaser is to get the attention of the target audience without giving too much information. It makes the target want to learn more and to create more hype for the premiere.

The power of these teasers are so strong, it got the attention of many to start watching the show. Many of my friends decided to watch the other seasons before the premiere of the new season because of these ads. Solely due to the fact that these teasers made the franchise seem crazy and scary, unlike anything they’ve ever seen on television.

Here is a compilation of the third season American Horror Story: Coven teasers that sparked the interest of so many and aided to the 5.54 millions viewers on it’s premiere night.

With the new season premiering in less than two weeks, many people can’t wait until the night of October 8. The teasers have caused so much desire to view the show, viewers say that they can’t wait any longer.

Personally, I’ve been counting down the days till the new season, American Horror Story: Freak Show for over a month. I keep up with all the trailers and readily share them on Facebook with all my friends. I’ve never been so eager to watch a season premiere and these teasers don’t make it any easier. The teasers give no information on the plot, yet I’ve developed a trust that this will be an amazing, if not the best season thus far. TV shows can take a lesson from American Horror Story. Sometimes less is truly more when advertising.


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3 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Twisted Tease

  1. Shows, movies and mmi series that develop such a cult following really have so many opportunities to hype up their audiences and leave them wanting more. Show lil eThe Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story and others of the like are all shows that have sky-rocketed to popularity and the suspenseful seasons definitely play a part in it all. With successful advertising they are unstoppable for success in many realms besides just audience viewership.


  2. I love this post and I agree- the AHS method of garnering media attention is astounding. The characters speak for themselves- no text necessary. I think that other shows could best foliow AHS by creating powerful, impactful short clips to gain media attention. I am excited for this premiere and cannot wait! What other shows do you think could benefit from adapting a social media and marketing campaign similar to AHS?


  3. These are some of the most frightening and disturbing ads that are on television. As an avid watcher of the show, I love the over the top approach they take in advertising the macabre nature of the show. However, the one thing about the ads that disappoints is that, most times, the characters or monsters in the ads don’t show up in the show. If they did, the franchise would be even stronger.


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