Under Armour Wills What It Wants

At the end of June 2014, popular women’s fitness retailer Under Armour released its first of many new commercials. The new marketing campaign for the company is one of the most expensive marketing efforts for women in history.

The ad, which featured professional ballerina Misty Copeland, showed the famous dancer in the studio on point reading a letter of rejection from her childhood telling her why she will never be a ballerina. This letter claims she does not have the “right tendons, torso length, and bust” and at age 13, she is “too old to be considered”. The ad continues on to show her on stage today, a part of the American Ballet Theater and a professional dancer, the second African American soloist in American Ballet Theater history. The campaigns slogan is “I Will What I Want”, a twist on the company’s previous slogan “I Will”.

The “I Will What I Want” campaign is under Armour’s biggest women’s campaign to date. Since the release of the extremely popular Misty Copeland video, multiple other videos have come out as well. A shocking Gisele Bundchen ad featuring the mega-supermodel grunting and screaming as she beats a bunching bag with headline about her flashing around was applauded by audiences. Under Armour plans to release an interactive “mobile experience” that will be available for all smart phones and tablets that will bring to life the I Will What i Want experience. It will give women the ability to track and analyze their fitness progress with inspiration from the stars. Bundchen and Copeland are joined by professional skirt Lindsey Vonn, professional tennis player Sloane Stephens, and US National Soccer team stand out planner Kelly O’Hara. The new campaign is revolutionizing the way that women are advertised to in sports, a market that is relatively untouched. “I Will What I Want” engages audiences and connects to emotion in a way that many brands can only dream of.




4 thoughts on “Under Armour Wills What It Wants

  1. I think these advertisements are very convincing. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and the Misty Copeland commercial gives audiences hope that they can become something great one day if they put in the effort. I also like that the ads do not shove the Under Armor brand in your face. It is subtle, like the shirt Misty is wearing and the pants Giselle is has on. Overall, I think the campaign is well worth the money because after watching the commercials I feel empowered to go buy some Under Armor and work out!


  2. I think that the first ad featuring the 13 year old Ballet dancer really hits the right chord. To show an incredibly talented teenager get rejected from society is absurd, and Under Armor knew that it would hit home with a lot of parents (namely mothers), as well as teenagers.


  3. I am so glad you blogged about this! It’s important to address this issue. Advertising isn’t just a tool to promote products, brands, and ideas, but it also has the potential to influence social change. So liberating for women!


  4. Powerful brands have the ability to have great influence over society. They just have to have a strong message, and Under Armour found that message. I think any woman watching these new ads would feel empowered.


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