Though a very widely popular and recognized brand, Wheat Thins wasn’t getting the attention they wanted. Not only did they want to sell their products, but they also wanted to be talked about. So how did they see if their consumers were talking about them? They looked on Twitter. Turns out, Wheat Thins was getting talked about more than they had expected. But they wanted more. They took some of these tweets they found online, and paid their authors a visit. One tweet read, “AAAHHHH Im outta wheat thins…Mi life is officially over!”, so, just to confirm that this woman was still alive, the Wheat Thins crew decided to give her a visit, and they brought her hundreds of boxes of Wheat Thins as well just to ensure her life was never in danger due to a Wheat Thin shortage. They did this to multiple customers who had tweeted about their brand. A question that ran across my mind, however, is what difference does it make if people talk about a brand, if they still buy the product regardless? People still buy Wheat Thins, so why do they need to talk about Wheat Thins? Well, it turns out that during their 9-month campaign, their revenue and shares increased each month, which proves that not only exposure, but also interaction with a brands consumers matter.


This campaign by Wheat Thins does bring up an interesting point however. Who would have thought that if they tweeted about a brand, that brand would show up at their front door with an unlimited supply of their product? No one, really. So the question here is, should people start being more conscious about what they are putting on social media? Who knows, maybe if you tweet about the new iPhone 6, Tim Cook will show up at your doors with an unlimited amount of phones for you…

Overall, this ad campaign and case study was very successful. It generated over 1.5 million views on YouTube, as well as achieved three awards for the most popular unpaid organic trending topic on Twitter. And, the biggest victory of all, Wheat Thins started to get talked about again. Yay!


  • What difference does it make if people talk about a brand, if they still buy the product regardless?
  • Should people start being more conscious about what they are putting on social media?


“Wheat Thins Advertising Case Study.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2014.


  1. Most people really aren’t that conscious of what they’re putting on social media. Many people just tweet the rending topics to get more attention and followers. A brand can always sell more, and attention through social media campaigns is a great way to increase sales.


  2. As someone who likes Wheat Thins, this was a great post. One of the coolest ways for brands to get more exposure is through great product placement that inspires people to become brand ambassadors. Wheat Thins seems to have hit the proverbial nail on the head with their recent efforts.


  3. I think this was a great way for Wheat Thins to build brand awareness and get people talking about their product. I’m sure it created a lot of talk on social media when people started to receive free wheat thins and with all of the social media chatter the company receives free advertising.


  4. Well, if people talk about a brand on social media, first off, it begins to set a trend, and if contemporary society has proven anything, it is that people tend to conform to trends. This is why you can see so many people dressed similarly on the streets of downtown Chicago. For example, Ray Bans prescription glasses and Doc Martin Boots have had sales long before their rise to popularity, but now they sell more than they ever have before. Similarly, Wheat Thins can utilize to get Wheat Thins to become a popular topic and increase their sales.

    Personally, as long as social media exists the biggest concern will be to monitor what information is being put out there, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to promote your favorite brands, especially if you are a popular figure. Many brands have been known to reward their unpaid social media advertisers. Dream big.


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