Target Brings Fall Season Excitement

Target’s mind for design and creativity, not to mention the wide range of products puts them at the top of the charts. Their aim is to be a place where the guests and team members will always find more than they expect. I think they’re doing a fabulous job.

As the fall season approaches, Target wants to show its customers what’s in. There is a new launch of clothes, makeup, home décor and furniture. Overall, this commercial shows the sophistication of the store.

What excites me the most is Target’s newest dance partner, Joseph Altuzarra clothing line. Prepare yourselves, ladies!

Featured in this video is gorgeous Eva Herzigova. If you appreciate nice clothing at a reasonable price, I advise you to take a look at Altuzzara’s limited-time fall collection:

Target wants to add a fresh coat gloss to its reputation as champion of low-cost design. Good for them! However, I would not expect this type of video to be associated with Target. It is good they are branching out. As they should. This collection is meant to instill a feeling of power, confidence and beauty in women.

It is one of my favorite stores; I spend hours in there, from the makeup/clothing section to the electronics section to kitchen supplies to looking at goofy Halloween costumes- the list goes on! Not to mention they also have a grocery section. Uh oh.

This may be very dangerous for me. I will be in there for days now that this clothing line will be there. What do you guys think? Are you excited to see what more exciting things Target has to offer in the future?



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One thought on “Target Brings Fall Season Excitement

  1. I think it’s nice that Target is trying to bring more fashion-forward options into its stores! The video is definitely outside of what I would usually expect to see from Target, but I like it.


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