Taking the Bait


There are many concerts that are not sold out and advertising and marketing agencies have to create a strategic plan to continue sales. This is not an easy task but one type of marketing that has been publicized is a Jedi mind trick. Queen Bey and Jay-Z are the power couple of the music industry. The “On The Run” tour was publicized for jaw-dropping prices, but the fans paid up. Yet, this was not enough for the couple and they needed to sell more tickets. Tabloids with pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Carter posted on the front cover of every magazine: a rocky marriage or heading for divorce.

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Now this might seem like the typical tabloids trying to expose another couples secrets. But what if it wasn’t the tabloids? According to Beyonce’s father on The Roula and Ryan Show, “his daughter and Jay Z’s pending divorce was only a rumor created by the couple to increase ticket sales for their tour, ‘On the Run'”. The rumors of divorce imply this would be the last time Jay Z and Bey would perform together. Therefore, the ticket stub would sell for a lot of money, memorabilia, and the nostalgia of going to the concert. Not only would that be beneficial to the fans, but according to stats ticket sales increased by 200% for their tour.

Negative marketing has the ability to increase sales especially if done correctly. This marketing gets attention that really seems to work and it’s aggressive. Negative marketing, through Negative Search Engine Marketing (SEO), ends up at the top of the search engine rankings. Companies will use this to ruin the positive image of another company so consumers shy away from products for a long time. But in entertainment scenarios it can increase the popularity of an event especially if the entertainment is loved by the consumers. Since Bey and Jay Z are beloved by their fans they are able to take the “hit” of a divorce rumor while not ruining their reputations.

There is much speculation about whether it is just a rumor or a publicity stunt. Since they are the golden couple in the industry, no one wants to believe that they would use negative marketing to fuel sales.

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3 thoughts on “Taking the Bait

  1. It’s interesting to read how negative marketing can be applied to the music industry. I would have never connected the two as a personal agenda to gain more ticket sales. If this marketing strategy is true, then it’s sad Beyonce and Jay-Z would put their personal lives and marriage at risk just for the sake of making more money.


  2. As a fan of Beyonce and Jay-Z together, I immediately saw the tabloids and assumed that it was nothing more than crazy media attempting to create a scandal for the sake of their gain. I never thought to look at it from a manipulative perspective, however because of who Beyonce especially is and how she represents herself, I don’t think that they would go through the trouble just to generate sales.


  3. I hope that this was an orchestrated publicity stunt by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Those magazine make a profit from extorting celebrities personal lives. Why not use it for themselves? When it comes to pop culture, it is safer to assume that there is an Olivia Pope controlling all the media for a bigger purpose.


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