Simple, but effective?

Now I have absolutely zero experience in the advertising field, but if I were a gambling man I’d say that it’s no easy task to differentiate one’s ad firm from the competition. People want to stand out and it’s not always easy to see the best way to do it. Enter West! West is a relatively young advertising agency based in San Francisco (I think) that was founded in 2011 by Allison Johnson, a former Apple executive. Now very little is known about West, which is largely in due to the, let’s call it simplistic, design of their website.


As you can seen for yourself there isn’t much you can actually do on West’s website. What’s more surprising is that the website gives absolutely zero information about the company. What do they specialize in? What have they done? Who are they? The only thing you can do on West’s website is click the link on the bottom of the screen which will open your email app addressed to Kyle Russel, a writer at TechCrunch, believes West’s website to be incredibly pretentious. While I agree with him for the most part, I have to admit that on some degree this website is at least getting the name of the company out there. Russel wrote an article about West’s website on TechCrunch, now I’m writing about it on a blog. Is this just a clever advertising tactic? Or is West hoping that having a former Apple exec will be enough to bring in the customers. To hell with a portfolio or mission statement! Let me know what you think, you ad people. Be sure to check out the West’s website before you read Mr. Russel’s scathing review.

One thought on “Simple, but effective?

  1. This is interesting and kind of peculiar but I like the unique idea of the concept. I don’t know if it would really be that effective though, people want to be able to know about a firm they are going to work with and feel that they can trust them to get the job done correctly etc. I think it makes the company seem kind of cocky, but its almost like subtle hint at the same time. I think they could’ve stayed simple but still added some other features or maybe a tiny bit more information.


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