‘Rolling Stone’ Cover Offensive or Just Another Day in Hollywood?

An article posted on Yahoo titled, “Rose McGowan on the ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover That Made Her Leave Hollywood” shows Rose McGowan, a once famed starlet, posing on the cover of Rolling Stone with Rosario Dawson in nothing but an ammo belt on. This article dives a little deeper in the controversial ways advertisement will do anything to catch their audience’s eye. McGowan explains that this was the breaking point of her career where she knew she had to leave. She states, “So as a woman I’m expected to sell myself, my body, my image, my sexuality, in order to get your ticket sales up.”

Rose McGowan on the 'Rolling Stone' Cover That Made Her Leave Hollywood

It is no secret that the exploitation of women in the entertainment industry is a very apparent and controversial issue and has been an ongoing problem for some time. Is McGowan overreacting to leave the whole industry because of this one cover? The advertisement industry is all about what sells and sex is apparently what sells. In today’s time these are the kind of advertisements that are the most common. I just do not understand why there cannot be the best of both worlds. When it comes to gender, women are clearly over sexualized. Why is it that women are more likely to be advertised in a sexual way than men? Why is it more common to see a woman on the front of a magazine with little clothing than seeing a man?

Hollywood advertisement today is a different world than what it was in the past, everything has to be bigger and better. The generation of today is not so easy as we are impatient and unimpressed therefore requiring advertisements that will catch our attention. The movie stars and starlets are deeply rooted within this advertisement system. Celebrities today are not even seen as people but more so as a brand. Besides their entertainment work in the music and film industry, stars today commonly promote organizations, products, and magazines, etc. However, when it comes to gender the entertainment advertisement industry can be two different spectrums. Why are women commonly seen as the promiscuous manipulators in movies? These are questions that this Rolling Stone cover brings to mind about the entertainment industry and if covers like these keep being taken advantage I worry about what the future holds for the future of women. I am not sure that growing up as a little girl I would have been positively influenced by those two naked women dressed in armor. They do not look like someone I would look up to. It is important to remember that “selling sex” is not the only way anymore. Times are changing and that theme is getting very old. I have faith that there will be more innovative ad campaigns in the future, what do you think?

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