Most Googled Brands by State

How often do you Google McDonald’s? According to Direct Capital, a finance company, it is the #1 top brand of Illinois by way of Google search. (Though it could have something to do with the fact that McDonald’s is headquartered here.)

Using Google Trends, Direct Capital studied popular brands’ keyword search popularity by history and volume per state. For this particular study they used the data of over 200 American brand names.


I am a big fan of this study. Because it puts into perspective which stereotypes aren’t actually stereotypes– they’re just true. For example, the West Coast is arguably more technologically advanced compared to other regions (with Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo being the top brands for Washington, Oregon, and California, respectively). But on the other hand, these maps also provide some surprising revelations. Wisconsin is more hipster than us? C’mon. And why does Arizona prefer Cuervo to Patron? Should we be concerned that Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma are partying just a little too hard?

But the real question is: Where is Apple? But really.


Second most Googled brands offer further study but still no sign of Apple. Starbucks was founded in Washington so that makes sense. And there are more documentaries about Alaska than one could even handle, so the Discovery Channel isn’t much of a stretch either.

These maps also remind us that even brands that have completely fallen off our radars, are actually still very much in the game. Brands like American Eagle (#1 in West Virginia), Coach (#3 in North Carolina), and Aeropostale (#3 in Louisiana) are still relevant (just not to us city dwellers), showing how trends travel from the most populous to the more rural areas. Makes sense.


Basically, one can never escape high school because life is just one big popularity contest, and it always will be. With every company in the game fighting each other for top ranking, brand awareness and visibility become a huge priority.

Do you agree with the top brands of your home state? Are there brands you’re surprised to not see on these maps?


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3 thoughts on “Most Googled Brands by State

  1. Though the McDonald’s headquarters are located in Oak Brook, I still find it odd that our #1 search was McDonald’s. I also found it strange that certain brands (such as Aeropostale) that I thought were out of touch, were anywhere on the top searched list. There are definitely some pretty shocking results on here!


  2. It doesn’t surprise me a lot. Although I’m from a different country, I’m still aware of those “stereotypes” about certain brands in the states. It’s reasonable when we look at the map created by Google. Yet searching isn’t the same as the actual purchasing. We still need research actual market in order to know consumers better.


  3. I’m not surprised McDonald’s was the #1 search in Illinois. I believe a few years ago Illinois was ranked as the most obese state (even though we’re the only US state that requires students to take P.E.) I agree that this study proves that certain stereotypes pertaining to a particular state are actually accurate (although I never eat at McDonalds, shop at Walgreens or use Motorola). This was a very interesting study!


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