Honey Maid Proves Emotion More Important than Data

Brands today know just how important their image in the consumer’s eye is to their products’ sales, which is why they carefully craft every piece of advertising they release. Modern technology has created so many resources that provide brands with access to data on every aspect of customers purchasing decisions, and minute selling points for their brand. Honey Maid, the brand synonymous with graham crackers, has created an ad campaign that is flying in the face of these overly data driven campaigns that we are used to experiencing.

Honey Maid’s new campaign revolves around their new slogan, “This is Wholesome,” which focuses on the changing dynamic of the American family. In their ads, they focus on families that are non-nuclear, same-sex and interracial. Honey Maid depicts each of these families enjoying Honey Maid products of course, but also spending time with the people they love even though those relationships are not commonly accepted in our society. Honey Maid then goes on to make the claim that these families are just as wholesome as the stereotypical intraracial mom, dad and children family model, and they are correct. They have made a cultural insight into American life by engaging in meaningful talks with families across the country, and found out that these families enjoy their product and their families the same way everyone else does.

The difference with this ad campaign, in regards to how it was created, is that Honey Maid never tested this ad at all. They gathered real human insight and knew that this is something that their brand stands for, and that they did not need extensive amounts of data to back up their campaign claims. Brand directors and advertising companies believe the best way to communicate their brand to the consumer is by scouring over hundreds of data points and running it through test markets to craft an ad that will perfectly cater to an exact demographic of consumer. This type of advertisement of course will resonate at first with the consumer, but it may not draw them in to the brand and its true vision.

Honey Maid created an ad that will resonate with not just one demographic but all. They did not need gimmicks to sell who they are as a brand because they are a company who is sure-footed in their identity and knows that Americans already love their product, so why not show that they love the American family, in every form it takes, back.

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2 thoughts on “Honey Maid Proves Emotion More Important than Data

  1. I read an article about this recently. I think it’s great that Honey Maid is appealing to families of divorce. The fact that they are promoting this “new normal” is incredibly important for young kids and they did it in a creative way.


  2. I love that honey maid is being more innovative with their ads and are changing along with changing times. Today is it way more welcomed to include all different kinds of family than just the stereotypical “All-American family” The show Modern Family has proved that as well. I think that this advertisement will bode well in the future.


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