Get Of Your Phone and Live Life!!!

Starbucks is known for serving expensive coffee and having a ridiculous 23,187 locations nationwide. They don’t do a lot of advertising at this point, but they just released a series of interesting commercials. The spots have a unique message that will surely gain attention. All of the ads show a conversation through text messages on the screen while playing audio of the same conversation being held in person. The in person conversation includes a lot more information and emotion thanks to the sound of each person’s voice. The tagline at the end of the commercial really seals the message up.

The phrase that Starbucks uses to frame the new ads is “sometimes the best way to connect is to get together.” They are showing how the text message conversations don’t have nearly the same importance of a face-to-face conversation. In a world where we are constantly using technology, this is a good way to show the benefits of real interaction rather than digital interaction. Starbucks is trying to convince consumers that a great way to have a real, in person conversation is over a cup of coffee in a cozy Starbucks Café. This is not the first advertisement to use “anti-technology” tactics to promote a brand.

This ad features the famous Muppets getting a family off of the couch and away from their technological devices to go see the world in their new Toyota Highlander. It’s a very creative way to market a car. Most advertisements boast about all of the luxurious technologies that new cars have. The Highlander ad decides to position itself as a car that you use to go have adventures. They spurn technology in favor of non-digital experiences. The tag “lets go places” confirms the position Toyota is giving to the Highlander. Both of these commercials emphasize getting out and interacting with the world rather than using phones or computers to experience everything. It will be interesting to see if more companies follow suit. I would be surprised to see more of these advertisements, as most people may feel insulted by the suggestion that we are using our devices to often. Still, it’s a creative idea and a good way to get attention for a commercial.

Connor Doyle

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4 thoughts on “Get Of Your Phone and Live Life!!!

  1. I really like Starbucks’ ad. It is relevant and sends a good message. Like the Google commercial we viewed in class, the viewer is drawn into the commercial. Once the viewer is drawn in, the nostalgia of cozy coffee shops kicks in.


  2. I think the anti-technology campaign is a great and effective way to promote products, especially considering the environment the ads are advertising for. Starbucks is a great place for people to go to use technology, with their strong WIFI signals and technology friendly environments so to market it in a social face-to-face way is beneficial to the company because it opens the market up to a larger target audience.


  3. After seeing “Wall-E” I still fear society’s exponential increase in use of technology. It seems like if we keep it up we’ll all be obese, sedentary monotonous individuals in no time, so I’m glad that advertisements are making an effort to keep humanity alive and communicating the normal way. Even if Starbucks or Toyota are making use of this message to promote their products, this is more ethical than advertising used to promote unhealthy habits such as smartphone commercials. So, overall I’m glad these companies chose to go the route they did with these advertisements!


  4. I saw this Starbucks ad and I thought it was pretty cool. I like the idea of an ad that is meant to promote face to face interaction, for a change. The text conversation on the screen was a very familiar one to me. It reminded me of all the times I would be texting my girlfriend and she would seem upset, but not outright say that she was, and I would be left to wonder whether she was or not. A frustrating situation indeed. So from that standpoint, I found the commercial very relatable, which made me like it. Too bad I don’t like Starbucks though.


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