Even Starbucks Thinks Your Phone Needs a Break…

Of course Starbucks wants you in their shops, or at least going through their drive thru, but their latest campaign is a whole new way to reel you in.

There’s no special flavored drink, no deal of the day pushed in this campaign, but instead communication. All Starbucks want’s from you is to put down your phone, take a moment, and realize the world around you. Meet with your friends, colleagues, or someone new at a Starbucks coffee shop and give your phone a break.


There latest campaign isn’t their usual method of bringing you in, instead with “a series of new ads from BBDO, the coffee chain plays up the difference between the spoken and written word by showing text-message conversations which voice actors also say out loud at the same time—with real subtext instead of cutesy emoji and bad grammar.”

We can all relate to this, you read something in a way that it wasn’t meant, you send the wrong emoji, or even send something to the wrong person. It’s simple, it happens to everyone and the sad thing is, we still continue to do it. Why? Because our generation has become reliant on this form of communication, so much that a coffee house chain, so well known like Starbucks has to make a commercial just for you to realize it, as well as try to get you to make a change.

So what they are self promoting, the message they are sending out is much greater than drink at Starbucks, it’s getting people out there again, into the real world, interacting with one another. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, that our entire generation can be summed up into a few commercials, and that it takes these commercials for people realize that maybe we do need to change. “The message is nice, simple, clear and easy to identify with in an era dominated by smartphones and their pitfalls—not just the losses in translation wrought by a format that favors brevity, but also the constant distraction from one’s immediate surroundings, and the people in them.”

I really recommend you take the time to not only read through the full article, but watch the commercials. They really get you thinking!



3 thoughts on “Even Starbucks Thinks Your Phone Needs a Break…

  1. I think these commercials are really effective. Starbucks is trying to get people to communicate…and what better way to catch up with someone than over a cup of coffee. I like the idea of the commercial because it shows that texting conversations ofter get misread and misinterpreted. Today’s generation feel uncomfortable talking on the phone or in person, so we stick with texting. I like that Starbucks is trying to get people to realize texting is not the best way to communicate with others and face to face interactions are very important.


  2. As a campaign, this is absolutely brilliant. As a company, Starbucks is uniquely positioned to run this campaign. Unlike a restaurant, where you actually have to sit down to enjoy the food (sorry fast food, you don’t qualify), Starbucks’ whole model is built around people being in and out on an average of around 15 minutes. However, even 15 minute segments of real human interaction are better than 15 minutes of “phone-time.” Hopefully, this leads to a better understanding of the ways we communicate, and engage with the people around us.


  3. It has become a norm. Go to a Starbucks, order a cup of coffee, find a seat and take our your phone. I somehow think that people now are starting to use technology as a means of connecting especially the youth. Like, Hey! Add me on Facebook and Instagram. And then they can discuss and start a topic on what they saw on each other’s profile. Also, sometimes it is easier to text than to speak when it come to an awkward or sensitive situation. However, I prefer the real face to face interaction of course but I am not resentful toward how our lives have changed since technology advancement.


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