Emma Watson targeted by online trolls


Those who use social media have probably already been exposed to links to a video of Emma Watson addressing women’s rights to the United Nations. The success of her speech became apparent as her video started to become viral on social media, and who could have been better to address these issues of gender inequality than a notoriously successful actress?

As an advocate for woman’s rights, Watson presented an inspirational speech calling men around the world to stand with women in the fight towards gender equality. As she mentions, “We need everyone involved.” Part of this step towards gender equality comes with the launch of a new campaign named He for She, (http://www.heforshe.org/) which she announces in her speech. This campaign was put together to gather participation from men and boys to become “advocates for change.”

Here’s the speech if you haven’t seen it:


A few days later, her speech began to take another turn as she began to get targeted by online trolls and hackers who threatened to release “intimate” pictures of her sometime in the next few days. According to an article (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/emma-watson-nude-photos-will-be-leaked-within-days-says-4chan-hackers-9749928.html)on The Independent, it was unclear when these nude photos would be released, yet the website emmayouarenext.com with the banner above was created by members of 4chan as platform to release the images.

Of course this would be alarming since news of Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes were just in the headlines, along with those of Kim Kardashian making these threats a high possibility. But should we take trolls seriously? It’s hard to say these days with so many individuals that have nothing better to do than to punish and attack others online with empty threats.

Despite everything, I applaud her for her courage to stand up and speak on behalf of thousands of women who do not have the opportunity to do so, especially with people out there who are obviously going to disagree and show it. Her request is extremely legitimate as there really needs to be space for change through the involvement of men in the campaign. We need to change this misogynistic culture we live in where men think it’s okay to punish women for speaking up, especially with threats like these that in the end promote a culture where women don’t have the room to have a voice.


Selby, J. (2014, September 23). Emma Watson ‘naked photos to be leaked within days’ claim 4Chan hackers. The Independent. Retrieved September 23, 2014.

Emma Watson UN speech. (2014, September 21). Retrieved September 24, 2014, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE

2 thoughts on “Emma Watson targeted by online trolls

  1. I don’t think we should take these trolls seriously and we all know that even if nudes were released of Emma Watson no one would care. Emma Watson is perfect and nothing could overpower her gender speech. I salute her for all of the differences she has began to make with her speech at UN and her need to make a change. She is amazing and I do not think that any anonymous creeper sitting behind their computer making a countdown will change that.


  2. She gave an incredible speech indeed. Even if there were nudes to be released, it won’t last long but her speech for He For She campaign is inspiring because if we are too focused on feminism it becomes man hating. Some people on the Internet are just very inconsiderate. They know they can do all sorts of bad things because they are behind the screen and not revealing their faces. Emma’s reputation has always been good and I don’t think this scenario will bring her down.


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