Budweiser Beer, and Puppies.

Last week, Budweiser launched their newest drink responsibly campaign last Friday on Global Be(er) Responsible Day. Budweiser released their newest commercial and public service announcement “Friends Are Waiting” where they showed the relationship between a dog and his owner and how irresponsible drinking choices could lead to pain and hurt on the dog.

In the past year, Budweiser had released numerous commercials specifically using cute animals, such as their “Puppy Love” commercial during the XLVIII Super Bowl last year. Budweiser offers a new stance of drinking responsibly because most drinking ads focus on the loss people suffer from rather than the loss an animal could suffer. This difference in advertising reaches a new audience and allows for a fresh perspective that could market to both men and women.

Budweiser is one of the first and only company to use animals in their drinking ads to reach their target audience effectively. In comparison to other drinking commercials, Budweiser has created ads that are considered “memorable” or “touching,” not necessarily something that people automatically relate to when they think of beer or drinking. This has affected ways that other alcoholic drink companies have marketed their drinks and the experience that comes with investing in their product. For example, Cruzan Rum has released various commercials that focus on the enjoying leisure time spent with others and enjoying the company around them.

After watching these commercials, how does the way Budweiser market their drink experience directly affect the ways that other drink companies market their drink experience? How do you think this affect Budweiser’s audience and target market?

4 thoughts on “Budweiser Beer, and Puppies.

  1. Many people say that when they watch a movie and the dog dies, they become more emotional than when a human dies. Budweiser realizes that a story is always more sad when the dog is affected.


  2. People love dogs. We discussed the emotional response that animals give people in advertisements last week. Budweiser has always used this tactic to get people to pay attention to their spots.


  3. I think their use of animals is very effective. People are very attached to animals and are able to build an emotional connection to the brand through the commercials. It is sad to think about a puppy left without an owner, and will cause people to think about the repercussions of drinking and driving.


  4. Personally, from what I can tell about Beer advertising, or should I say Lager (Budweiser is NOT a real beer), its that they all seem to blend in with one another that you tend to forget which brewery put out which commercial. This campaign by Budweiser is a smart tactic to break away from the commonality, but I wouldn’t doubt that other breweries will begin to follow suit with the use of animals in their advertising campaigns, particularly the adorable, lovable variety.


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