BlackBerry’s Last Chance

When is the last time you saw someone use a BlackBerry cellphone? Maybe we have different friend groups, but the only people I see using BlackBerrys are older businessmen who keep it in a convenient holster on their belt.

In a market completely dominated by Samsung and Apple, BlackBerry has been overshadowed. After two years, BlackBerry finally has something new to introduce to the world, and it is weird.


Being described as a Padphone, the BlackBerry Passport is a square half phone, half tablet with e-reader and business capabilities. While most smartphone users have replaced a keyboard for a touch screen, the new BlackBerry passport combines the two.

To avoid sounding like a phone review, it is important to talk about why this move is important. Blackberry is attempting to find a balance between staying true to its fundamentals while adopting the characteristics smartphone users want.

Mainly targeted towards a more adult, professional crowd, BlackBerry lacked the innovative and sleek brand image that attract younger consumers.Under the reigns of the new CEO John S. Chen, BlackBerry will try one last time to revamp its image and re-establish itself as a technology industry leader. The new BLackBerry Passport hopes to change its imagine, capturing the ever elusive and loyal Apple and Samsung users.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.26.37 PM

I love keyboards as much as the next person but realistically can BlackBerry really re-establish themselves? It will be a difficult uphill battle against touch screens, wearable technology and Suri.

As a smartphone user I respect BlackBerry’s attempt to stay technologically relevant. A square phone with a touch screen and a keyboard is unlike any phone on the market. Compared to the standard smartphone, BlackBerry is actually introducing something completely new. However, after being trapped on the sidelines for the last two years with nothing new to entice new customers, BlackBerry will have to make huge pushes against a loyal demographic to make a lasting impression.


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6 thoughts on “BlackBerry’s Last Chance

  1. In my opinion, BlackBerry is already irrelevant in the phone industry. I read an article a few weeks ago that said the author would be surprised if the company is around in the next year or two. My dad was a huge fan of BlackBerry until recently when he upgraded to an iPhone. He tried to keep his BlackBerry, but in the end the newest phone did not work well. I don’t think BlackBerry will ever be on the same level as the iPhone or Android. Just like I said earlier, those phones are an “upgrade.” Buying a BlackBerry in today’s technological world seems like a downgrade, and if the company wants to do better, they will have to reposition themselves as a high quality phone that can compete with the iPhone.


  2. I do believe that this will be the literal “last attempt” that BlackBerry has in the smart phone industry. While this new future is unique to BlackBerry, they are still working with old technology that was eliminated years ago. Blackberry is too stuck in its old ways, and until they realize that they need to follow the other leaders like Apple and Samsung, they will become obsolete. I got a good kick out of the video “first look” review, because it seemed as if even the reviewer was having trouble explaining anything that cool about the new phone.


  3. Blackberry is banking on their appeal to the business customer – someone who wants the phone for an enterprise reason, and isn’t concerned about the latest iteration of snapchat, or Instagram. However, and this is an issue that always gets glossed over when talking about smartphones, does the phone physically make sense? Does it actually fit in people’s pockets, and can you operate it with normal-sized hands?


  4. I think it is unfortunate that Blackberry did not see this new wave of technology coming sooner. I feel as though it is just a little bit too late. I think the idea of a keyboard is still beneficial to the corporate business customer, but with keys too small and not enough capability as a smart phone or android, I don’t think it will work well.


  5. I feel like Blackberry can still be relevant for businesses, and their new keyboard is efficient to use. Blackberry should stop trying to appeal to the masses because they are quite far behind the leaders of the industry. Instead they should dominate a niche.


  6. Good for Blackberry for trying to re-position their products place in the competitive market. I had a Blackberry Pearl when I was younger and liked it a lot! That being said, I think if Blackberry was really serious about competing with Apple and Samsung, I would stop half-assing it and get rid of the keyboard already.


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