You mad, bro?!

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I’ve been an avid gamer of MMORPGs, also known as a Massive Multi-player Online Role playing Games, since about the year 2000. MMOs, which an MMORPG is typically referred to as, are games in which thousands of people connect to a server to interact with online through quests, raids, and player vs player (PVP). Think of World of Warcraft (WoW), which is the most popular and well known MMO to date by the general public.

You log in, choose a server, choose a race, customize your character, and then you enter your world as your ultra-buff and extremely attractive pixelated avatar and begin your adventure for fame and glory! However, many MMOs are plagued with bad starts. The newest MMO out, ArcheAge, may have taken on the title of biggest flub of an MMO launch.

ArcheAge is a Korean MMO, which has been out over there for a couple of years now. The developer is a company called XL Games, but an American publisher named Trion Worlds decided to pick it up for distribution in North America and various other areas around the world.

A video displaying some PVP in ArcheAge:

First Trion decided to have a tiered package to purchase for their game. In the past, MMOs had a subscription package. This meant you paid a set fee monthly as a recurring subscription. Today, many MMOs employ a free to play (F2P) model with micro transactions in game. Some people claim that micro transactions are pay to win (P2W). ArcheAge is a F2P model, but you can purchase a subscription package which gets you a “founder” status and some perks.

ArcheAge is a unique MMO in that the economy is player driven, and so, to be successful, one can do their own crafting of armors, weapons, potions, etc. You can also own a home and model it however you wish. You also can go on trade runs to make money all with the danger of another player attacking you, killing you, and taking your stuff.

Yes, it’s a dangerous world and the stakes can be high. The complexity explained previously is why Trion Worlds royally messed up with their launch of the game. As part of purchasing the founder’s packs, a 4-day head start was assured for players. This amounted to getting an upper hand by acquiring the limited space for land to build farms and houses. This also gave players a chance to get ahead in levels.

The problem was that Trion Worlds was already under attack for the founders packages from the gaming community. They also had to battle DDoS attacks from hackers. These attacks are essentially when a single person uses a program to send multiple queries to a server to simulate thousands or millions of people trying to access the servers at one time. This overloads and shuts down servers. On Saturday, Day Two of the head start, DDoS attacks had all servers down for nearly the entire day which essentially stopped thousands of people who paid $50 – $150 on their founder’s packs from playing (Wilson, 2014).

During the head start, players snatched up all the land for farms and houses (WelkinDust, 2014). Some characters creating multiple characters to achieve this. They then turn around and sell the land for extremely steep prices. In addition to all of this, there are queues to get into the server to create, delete, or play your character on that server (Lemos, 2014). Some of these queues can take hours. Some forum posts have claimed anywhere from 1 to 12 hours depending on the server and time of day.

One browse of the official forums yields some other issues:

In the end, all MMOs have launch problems, but in a world with an ever increasing need for instant fixes and gratification, more gaming companies are under fire. Is it fair to cause so much grief to a publisher of a game? I don’t think so, but many players disagree and expect everything technical to work perfectly from day one. There is no remorse and Trion Worlds image has been hurt by the launch from hell with petitions and many asking for refunds. Their customer service and public relations has also been slow to respond and make amends, but they are working on it.

Let this be a lesson to future MMO players and developers. At least be prepared with your customer service if things don’t go right. You may also want to be prompt with responses instead of waiting for days. Also, make sure you do proper research and collect data to ensure you have accurate numbers for your game launches. I hope that a lesson was learned here. ArcheAge is an involved and fun game and I hope they have success despite the horrible launch.


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5 thoughts on “You mad, bro?!

  1. This was an interesting article to read. I was unaware of all that could go wrong upon the launch of a new gaming product. To a certain extent I agree with the gamers, they should be able to play without an abundance of interruptions. Also, with World of Warcraft being researched, the companies launching MMOs should be aware that people will want the best advantage, such as taking all the land. Those minute glitches should be rethought, yet no game will be perfect. As long as they fix the issue in a timely manner they may lose customers but they can always market the game again to get them or another audience to play.


    • Very interesting. I myself am not a gamer and I knew things could go wrong, but I did not know that it could escalate to such extremes. The blog was very intuitive, and informing. Seeing that I am not a gamer, this post showed me a little insight into the “gamers” world. It seems that there are complexities not only beyond my knowledge, but also that of a gamer. Very well written.


      • @llucas: Yeah, they’re fixing things slowly. The problem is that they weren’t being too quick with updating the player base about what they were doing which is extremely frustrating to players waiting in queues.

        @sadams: Thanks for the comment man! I’m glad I was able to give you some insight.


  2. I had no idea something could go this horribly long at the launch of a game. The creators should have foreseen this issue before allowing the early access. This just shows me that Trion Worlds was just not ready to handle a title like ArcheAge.


    • @ncahnovsky: MMO launches are a tricky beast and EVERY launch has some issues, but I think Trion just wasn’t prepared for how many they were going to get for head start. This was amazing to me because they should have had pre-order numbers to estimate off of. Just insane!


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