DiGiorno Doesn’t Get Twitter

Twitter is a place where any thought that pops into your mind lands. It’s used for different reasons: professionally, advertising, venting, and a standard freedom of expression. Since the Internet has become a billboard for company advertising, it is no secret that Twitter is being used as well. Companies use it to advertise new products, answer customer questions, and give deals to loyal customers…but this open communication has been abused time and time again. We have seen the Twitter fails go from McDonalds, Vodafone, and Entenmanns to the latest flop, DiGiorno.

I personally follow DiGiorno on Twitter, because the posts are usually pretty funny. They hysterically advertise their pizza products by providing ridiculous commentary to their followers. But man, did they botch up this time. Domestic violence is quite prevalent all around the world, and has been receiving much more attention due to the recent NFL case dealing with Ravens player, Ray Rice. In an elevator video, Ray Rice is seen punching his wife, Janay, and when the NFL finally began to address the topic of domestic violence, the hashtag #WhyIStayed exploded on Twitter. This hashtag gave individuals affected by domestic violence the opportunity to share their personal stories, but rather than stay on topic, DiGiorno took a different route.

“#WhyIStayed you had pizza” was tweeted from their account (it has obviously been removed) and the media went into frenzy. The company has apologized profusely, but the damage has been done. Clearly, their PR crew has some work to do, and we should expect every post from them to be extra-careful. The only bright side is they personally responded to many of their followers who took offense, which demonstrates some responsibility. They could have either turned off their account completely, or just ignored the situation and issued an insensitive statement. At least they tried, right?

We love focusing on the companies who have Twitter fails, but other than that most of us probably couldn’t care less that these companies even have accounts. Do these companies even need to Tweet at all? I mean, some of them can be helpful but sometimes all they are is just clutter. I, personally, could do without.

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4 thoughts on “DiGiorno Doesn’t Get Twitter

  1. Yikes! That’s a terrible tweet. Sometimes I really wonder what the heck some of the social media people at companies are thinking. You’re right, the PR has some serious work to repair some damage.

    In regard to your companies needing Twitter, I think they do. I think that’s the first step in fighting back against the people that are libelous. It’s also a great way to make a much more personal connection with their stakeholders as opposed to calling them at dinner time (I’m looking at your telemarketers). While the accounts have the potential for disaster, they also have the potential for great relations.

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  2. Social media can be a great media outlet for many companies. I do believe that companies should use Twitter to engage with their customers in a personalized manner. They are connecting with their audience and those invested in the company. Taco Bell is a great example.

    It’s interesting to see how PR uses social media especially when a controversy is highlighted in the media. If a company uses touchy topics, specifically domestic violence, they need to be cautious of how their audience may react. This was in poor taste yet it was admirable that the company apologized for their actions. Twitter can be used to help a company but in this case their hashtag was a bad marketing strategy.


  3. Twitter is definitely a great new innovation that gives businesses a new opportunity to market to a broad and diverse audience. That being said, it can also be risky because if you tweet something that is received negatively, it will spread like wildfire like it did in this case. I feel like companies/organizations/celebrities tweet stupid and insensitive stuff like this all the time nowadays. It’s one thing when a celeb does it in a lapse of judgement, but you would think a company like DiGiorno with an advertising and PR team would know better than to try and spin an issue like domestic violence into a marketing tool. I don’t think it is anything that will hurt their business in the long run, but it sure is an embarrassing move on their part.


  4. I’m beyond shocked that DiGiorno would try and make light of such a sensitive situation. I think this is taking it too far regardless of the pizza company’s reputation for having funny Tweets. On the other hand, DiGiorno may have not known that #WhyIStayed was a reflection of the recent Ray Rice scandal, which just goes to show how important companies need to do their homework.


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