Dude, Surge is back.

Recently, Coca-Cola Co. relaunched a limited supply of Surge, in attempts to involve the company more in the world of E-Commerce.  Purchasing everyday items, such as groceries has become increasingly popular through companies like Amazon, in recent years. The beverage, Surge, was introduced in 1996 as a competitor to Pepsi Company’s Mountain Dew and was discontinued in 2002.  Surge, in particular, was reintroduced because of Coca-Cola’s attempt to rely only on their costumers demands through social and digital media.  A group on Facebook called, “The Surge Movement,” with over 128,000 followers was a large component to Coca-Cola choosing this product to help their venture into e-commerce.

I believe it was a smart move by the Coca-Cola Company to bring back Surge for a limited time.  It brings revenue to the company through nostalgia to a generation who has been told the “health dangers” of sodas in recent years who otherwise wouldn’t be purchasing the companies sodas.  By bringing back Surge, Coca-Cola is showing the public that they listen to the demands of their consumers.  “The 12-packs were selling for $14 on Amazon on Monday, and already generated dozens of customer reviews on the site, including one buyer who stated: “I just spent 45 dollars on soda and I’m not even mad.”

Personally, I say lets bring Dunk-a-roos back!

Is there a product that brings you back to the “good old days?”  Would you be willing to pay more than usual if it was re-introduced for a limited time?  Do you think it was smart of Coca-Cola to bring back a beloved brand?

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5 thoughts on “Dude, Surge is back.

  1. So many products I could name, but I’d especially like a permanent major rereleased of Rice Crispy Treat Cereal (http://www.mrbreakfast.com/ucp/316_932_ucp.jpg). I would be willing to pay more than usual for that brand of cereal if it was re-introduced for a limited time. I would hope they’d bring it back full time actually. I do think it was smart of Coca-Cola to bring back Surge, because, as you said, nostalgia brings revenue from a portion of their consumer base that back-in-the-day got their parents to buy their soda needs. Now that consumer base has grown up and has buying power. It’s important to pay attention to what a brand’s consumers want. That means pleasing the older generation and the younger generation. It shows the brand’s legacy, history, and it changes up what they have to offer. It can seem like they are recycling, but I think bringing back old favorites is a smart move because they can learn what does well and what they should continue making. It can only help.


  2. Ugh I wish that they would bring dunkaroos back onto major store shelves in the future. Paying tons for nearly stale boxes from eBAy isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m not sure that Surge is going to be the most popular re-release that could have come up.


  3. Recently I have been actually craving those mega pizza Lunchables… the ones with the doughy bread and it came with a little can of RC. I would probably pay like, $10-$20 for one, depending on my mood. It hurts my heart that they discontinued them. I’m sure theres a million other things from the 90’s that I would freak out over if they had a comeback, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. RIP Mega Pizzalunchables ❤


  4. I have never heard of Surge until reading this article and I am certain I was here on earth from 1996-2002. Weird. If I had to choose a product that would bring me back to the “good old days”, it would be Melody Pops. It is a candy and music instrument at the same time……genius.


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