Samsung vs. Apple


Reaching over 4 million sales already, Apple has exceeded its own short-term expectations again, beating its record of 2 million sold for the iPhone 5s in the first few weeks. However, there are still the iPhone critics that say Apple is not being innovative enough, and is behind the rest of the market. Apple’ main critic, is of course, Samsung. In the popular web series that surfaces each time a new iPhone comes out, Samsung compares its Galaxy to the iPhone, showing how Samsung is years ahead of Apple. This ad portrays two “nerdy” phone experts who are working on an iPhone. Throughout the ad, they establish that the iPhone finally has a bigger screen, multitasking windows, and longer battery life, all of which were already accomplished with the Samsung Galaxy. The two experts also show how easy it is to break the screen on an iPhone. And going even beyond poking fun at the iPhone, these two experts take a stab at the new Apple watch, which they dub to be pointless and unnecessary.

While this ad may seem humorous and entertaining, isn’t this tactic a little old? Or maybe even a bit generic? There really is nothing more basic than directly tearing down your competitor by pointing out their weaknesses. The truth of the matter is, maybe Samsung is nervous about Apple being on their same playing field.

I think that this ad was not very successful. There really are no actual weaknesses that they pointed out about the iPhone. All of the negative things that they pointed out have been fixed in this new model of the iPhone, so the weaknesses of the past are no longer relevant. Yes, Samsung may have come out with these ideas first, but the truth is, now Apple and Samsung are quite equal.


Do you think Samsung is nervous about Apple being on their same level?

Is this a fair way to advertise against your competitors?


MailOnline, Victoria Woollaston for. “‘We’ve Waited Two Years for Something Groundbreaking and You Give Us a Bigger Screen?’: Samsung Mocks Apple’s IPhone 6 in Adverts for Its Galaxy Note 4.”Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 12 Sept. 2014. Web. 18 Sept. 2014.

5 thoughts on “Samsung vs. Apple

  1. I’ve never been a fan of advertisements that directly attack their competitors. It doesn’t make any sense, and it shows a lack of creativity. Why not just tell me why your brand is better? Why do you have to attack your competitors so directly? I’m an Apple fan, and telling me that Apple sucks isn’t going to make me want a Samsung. It just makes me dislike your brand more.


  2. I would agree that Samsung’s attack ads are old and unoriginal. On a different note, when I see them I am turned off and it makes me not want to buy products from that brand. It makes me feel almost offended.


  3. While I agree that bashing a competitor isn’t the way to go for advertising, I don’t see too much wrong with this. Samsung seems to be critiquing the product more than the Apple and if their critiques are valid then they should said.


  4. I do not think that attacking another competitor is ever a good tactic in advertising. If Samsung needs to focus on the incapabilities of Apple to promote their product, it makes me wonder if there are any attributes to the Samsung device and why those are not displayed. That being said, there is no law that prohibits this kind of advertising, and if Samsung thinks that this is the way to go, that is their prerogative.


  5. This reminds me of political campaigns, where each just attacks the other. Its sort of humorous to see them go at it. Samsung still out-sells Apple due to the price point it can make its products at, which is important to consumers in the long run. This type of media reach out is maybe not the most tasteful, but it shows they are on top of their market and understanding what is happening.


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