Pushing Sales by Pushing Emotions

Sometimes companies have come up with the creative ploy to debut an advertisement that says more about their company than their product. Gatorade is, without fail, one of those companies.
Gatorade recently released an ad they made starring the soon to be retired Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. Jeter recently announced his plans for retirement and Gatorade partnered with him to make a tribute video.
I will tell you a little secret, I know very little about Derek Jeter. I’m not a huge sports fan, and I certainly don’t develop attachments to specific players.
I know he plays baseball.
I know that baseball team is the New York Yankees.
I know he’s a big deal.
And I know he’s retiring.
I have no emotional attachment to this Derek Jeter, however great I imagine he is.
Was I crying at the end of this 90 second advertisement? Yes, I certainly was.
Gatorade managed to mix in just about every nostalgic feeling the world has to offer. The Frank Sinatra music playing in the background, the black and white footage, feelings of Americana, nostalgia, the Great American Past time, community, childhood. . . I mean they really packed it all in there.
The kicker was, Gatorade only flashed their logo twice and did not verbally mention their name or products once. The commercials still did the trick though. They managed to convey the idea that through all these bittersweet experiences, monumental moments ash nostalgic memories, gatorade is there with you. Those subconscious messages stick with you more than product promotion ever could.
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2 thoughts on “Pushing Sales by Pushing Emotions

  1. I love how the commercial was filmed in black and white, conveying a sense of timelessness not only to Derek Jeter but to baseball the sport itself. If the message is strong, the brand behind the advertisement does not have to flash itself too much. Subtlety is sophisticated, just like this commercial. Gatorade scores big again!


  2. I think that was a fantastic commercial. There seem to be a lot of Derek Jeter “lovers and haters” and the way Gatorade approached his legacy with sentiment and class can appreciate him as a player. I would’ve never guessed it would be a Gatorade commercial…it almost could be for any product.


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