It’s Uber Cool!


All you need is a smart phone and you are set to travel. How awesome is that! Chicago is one of the luckiest cities that receives this über cool treatment from a company called Uber. No more flagging down a taxi with you arm people! Uber provides us with this modern-day “on-demand private driver” service which you can summon a car anytime and anywhere by using their smart phone app. Just a tap of finger and the nearest driver around you will arrive on your call.

Every startup company put most of their effort in promoting and marketing and Uber has done quite an impressive job. Uber employs a very interesting concept which is “let the customer do the talking” and they don’t really have any commercial advertisements. It definitely sounds simple and somehow passive but it totally works. This is because Uber provides a customer-orientated service. If the service is good, it goes around and spreads naturally and it is effective and free! To keep this going, they ensure that their Uber drivers are professional and friendly because happy customer means success. For example, Uber’s been running a premium service known as “Uber VIP” that is only available to loyal customers who have used Uber for 100 times or more in New York City. They have the access to Uber’s highest-rated driver and this certainly makes them feel exclusive.

How about an ice cream? No problem, just summon a Uber ice cream truck. Uber never fails to surprise the current customers and never fails to impress and fascinate the prospective customers with innovative services like the aforementioned. It happened this summer. It is adorable how you could tap on an ice cream cone icon in the app and request an on-demand ice cream truck and it cost $12. Other than ice cream, the requester could get a neon tank and Uber gave out stickers for everyone! Unfortunately, we might have to wait until next summer for the “Molly Moo’s Ice Cream” truck to be around again.


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.28.04 PM

How about some adorable fur balls? In conjunction with the National Cat Day, Uber brought kittens to the requester, literally. For $20, they could cuddle and have a 15 minutes playtime with the kittens and this promotion came with cupcakes. The kittens too, were available for adoption if anyone fell for the cuteness. Guess what? All the money from this kitty promotion went to the city’s local shelter. However, only users from Seattle, New York and San Francisco were able to enjoy this promotion.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.32.49 AM

Convenience, convenience, convenience! Uber plays by the convenience rule. All the services are on demand and no cash involved. All the transactions were charged directly to your Uber accounts. Not only that, you can rate your driver at the end of your ride by using the 5 stars system. Also, there is no tipping required; it will all be taken care of in their online system. So, what you have to do is just hop on and hop off a Uber.

“It’s time to arrive in style.”


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6 thoughts on “It’s Uber Cool!

  1. Uber has done a remarkable job promoting their business. Although it is true I have not seen commercials, living in the city everyone has an Uber or at least knows about it. The promotions, like the ice cream and the kitten cuddling, only enhance their brand more. I have also seen Uber reps on campus promoting themselves. Another perk of Uber is its quickness. It only takes a few minutes for a driver to get to you once you press the button and order one. I know recently there was an issue with the taxis in Chicago wanting to get rid of Uber because it was taking away their business, but with a vote, Uber is still here!


  2. I think Uber is a fantastic blend of marketing their business. It’s a genius business plan to begin with. Cab companies should have thought of incorporating a smart phone app a long time ago. I don’t know anyone these days who is going to flag a cab. Even the terminology has changed. Much how we call all tissues “Kleenex”, even though Kleenex is the brand not the product, my friends all ask “Are you going to take an Uber home?” Referring to a car service of any kind. Their marketing is excellent, especially the arrive in style tag line. It elevates their business to a private driver or elite status, that you don’t see with cabs.


  3. This is SO awesome. However, I wouldn’t have known about it unless I saw this post. So I guess that says a part of how effective Uber’s attempts are to reach new customers. The idea is very original (absolutely love it), but is it only reaching it’s current, active Uber users?


    • I agree with you Nicole, I had never heard of Uber before this post either. I live out int he Southwest suburbs of Chicago now, and you don’t see many cabs around here. Maybe Uber’s target audience is just urbanites? That’s the thing about startups, they have to determine who their target audience is, and geography plays a big hand. They want to be smart, that’s painfully apparent from their campaign. Their idea is unusual for their business model, but whether that can translate to success outside of city limits, I would say no.


  4. As a user of Uber I follow the company on every social media account, and am lucky enough to see some of their ads. Uber does a great job of connecting with its customers and making sure that everyone is appealed to. Fantastic!


  5. I love Uber. I have probably had only two negative experiences in my entire time of using Uber and I started using the app when I lived in San Diego over a year ago. However, anytime I had a problem of any sort the issue was handled right away properly and professionally. For example, one time a driver took a longer route so that he could make more money and I noticed that this was off and asked him to just follow the directions for the route I was comfortable with and he declined. So after the ride was over I emailed the Uber team and they reimbursed me for the difference of what the normal route should have been. Another time I accidentally left my car keys in an Uber after a night out with friends. Uber emails you receipts from your rides along with the route you took and the drivers contact information, so I was able to track down my driver and have my keys returned. Another concept I like about Uber is that the drivers also get to rate their consumers on a 5 star scale so that other drivers can have an idea of what to expect from the customer they are about to pick up.


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