Informative Videos as a way of reaching out to the public

Something that has really interested me lately are all of the videos we see daily in which people interview people to get their opinions on a specific topic. Whether it is a subject that may push limits and test different opinions, it is always interesting to see first hand how people around the world view different issues that we all goes through or face everyday. For example I came across a video recently that asked different people about what their definition of success was. This was particularly interesting to me because it not only reaches out to a broad group of people but also a wide variety of different ages, personalities, cultures, and other social differences that exist throughout the world. This way of social media is interesting because it is a different approach to your basic advertisement strategy. The following two videos are examples of how different topics reach different age groups etc.

How do these videos reach different groups of people? How does this affect advertisement for a product, an idea, a lifestyle, etc. Do you think this is a good way to show the world people’s opinions on challenging topics?

One thought on “Informative Videos as a way of reaching out to the public

  1. I agree. I think this form of digital marketing adds some interesting and needed perspective to our own opinions. When we are exposed to differing viewpoints and varying situations around the world, our own viewpoints become more sophisticated. The degree of openness to experience and to others we possess plays a large role in who we are. Videos like this only enhance this sense.


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