Consequences of Being Lazy = Durable Tires That Destroy Valuables

I’m sure we’ve all been here. You mean to get stuff done around the house, whether it be for your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend etc., but then you just become one with your couch and feel like you aren’t able to accomplish anything. Yes laziness at its finest. So what happens when you don’t do what you’re supposed to? There are consequences. Maybe not as extreme as this commercial, but man this woman took things to another level. This must not be the first time her significant other failed to do something she asked of him.
When I first watched this I was not sure what the advertisement was really for. I thought it might be for a cleaning product because the scene of the house is messy. Then when the wife gets home and I see her running over his gaming system with her car. So I thought maybe the commercial was for some new technological game product. Then the commercial switches over to talking about the durability of the tires. It definitely threw me off and I wasn’t expecting the commercial to be about that. I found it interesting though and intriguing. Something about the commercial made me want to keep watching to see what was going to happen next. I feel bad for her spouse though, and I don’t think I could personally do something like what she did because it’s also a waste of money. I feel that the advertisement was effective in gaining audience attention but I don’t feel it was really effective in selling a consumer on a tire. I also feel that because it shows this woman destroying a gaming system that this commercial kind of shuts down some of the most important consumer audience – men. I feel like this probably strikes a nerve in some guys to watch a gaming system be run over and might turn them off to the product. On the other hand this commercial might make some women feel empowered because of the actions taken by this woman who is clearly upset with her spouses lack of motivation and ability to complete a task.
I like the humor of this commercial, but I think in order for this commercial to be more effective that they should take a different approach. They could show the tire running over something that seems less easy to crush or destroy, maybe running over something sharp like nails or glass, things that people typically run over and are upset about when it happens because of the cost in repairing or replacing the product.


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