Celebrities in Advertising

Matthew McConaughey stars in latest Lincoln commercial.  The advertisement displays the actor driving the newest model alone, and capitalizes on his words to convey the message.  That is, that Lincoln is not only a sophisticated luxury brand, but also carefree and versatile.  The use of a top list celebrity is to bring a sense of luxury, while his matter of fact tone creates an easiness in efforts to make the car more relatable to the average person.

In this case, McConaughey endorses the product not because of the cost, but because of the function.  He was paid for the advertisement, so this affects the credibility of his statements.  One would hope that the products that celebrities endorse are those that they actually support, but as a present day consumer that is one assumption that cannot be made.  Using a celebrity to promote a product is both genius on the marketers’ part, and ridiculous on the consumer’s end.

Celebrities attract the average consumer to products and ideas that they may not normally endorse.  Like loyal brand customers, there are loyal celebrity followers that through social media and other sites, promote the actions of said celebrities.  Those who follow McConaughey will have be greater impacted by the advertisement, however, because he has a household name, his ad will reach more people.

That being said, we live in a society that disproportionally idolizes celebrities and their actions. Those impacted by the ad will most likely be impacted because of the star who participated in it, rather than the actual functions of the car.  This is ultimately detrimental to the consumers because they are exposed to products and information that they may not actually want or need.

What do you think?  Is using a celebrity a good idea for advertisers?  Is it unfair to use them to represent products solely for profit?

3 thoughts on “Celebrities in Advertising

  1. I think Celebrity endorsements can be good when used ethically. If a celebrity actually uses a product or is an advocate for the brand then by all means, they absolutely should endorse it. But if its simply another job they’re just looking to be compensated for, that seems somewhat misleading to customers who might change what they’re buying based on this phony endorsement.


  2. I personally think celebrity endorcements are huge and totally work in advertisement today. As our culture evolves we are constantly idolizing different celebrities and viewing them as not only people but as people who can really evolve our society and change our perspective on a product whether we previously approved of it or not.


  3. Mr. McConaughey makes sense for this type of advertisement. His recent hit television show “True Detective” features him alone in his car speaking in a very similar manner. As far as his celebrity star power goes, he maintains a somewhat subtle profile and so whether his contribution directly affects Lincoln in a positive or negative way could go either way.


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