A Universal Person We All Understand: Mom

The idea of mom is a powerful message. She is someone we all know. She is someone we can connect with. She is someone who gives us unconditional care and support from day one of our lives. She’s been there since our very first breath. The emotional connection and love people have for their mother is universal, cross-cultural. We don’t need language to know how important mothers are in our lives.

Pampers has utilized mothers to promote their diaper brand. In Japan, Pampers released a commercial featuring real-life mothers, not actors. The commercial is in Japanese.. I don’t know Japanese, but the message still think of my mom. I watched in a second time with English subtitles (lucky for us that YouTube let’s us do that), and then I began to cry. I definitely recommend you watch the commercial.

The commercial begins with different moms bringing their babies to the doctor for the “first birthday” check-up. The doctor asks them what their experiences were for the first year of being a mother. Not only is it the first year of being born for the babies, but it is also the mom’s first birthday of being a mother!

That’s not the [only] part that will make you tear. As the mothers leave the appointment, their husbands surprise them to celebrate their first birthday of being mommies! I won’t get too into it, because you HAVE to watch it for yourself.

Pampers isn’t the first to use mom’s to build positive, emotional associations between consumers and their brand. Hallmark has done it too through #worldstoughestjob.

Both commercials are evidence that mothers are successful in promoting brands and products. Whether it is an American or Japanese commercial, there’s still a tear in your eye when using moms in advertisements. Using real people, rather than actors, is more relatable. Commercials like these bring the consumer into the situation. Consumers can see themselves in these situations; their lives are reflected in those commercials.

4 thoughts on “A Universal Person We All Understand: Mom

  1. Really enjoyed this blog post. Having not been home for a while, I really miss my mom. Overall good job.


  2. Another one of my favorite commercials involving mom’s is P&G olympics commercials showing how mom’s were always their for their olympic athletes and how they are the real heroes. All of these commercials use just the right amount of truth and emotion to make advertising gold.


  3. I think its a winsome technique by any brand to use real consumers who incorporate their products into everyday life. It allows other customers viewing the advertisements to see more of themselves in the product and what it has to offer. Its a fantastic was to get brands and their products to resonate with people.


  4. I think all mom commercials are going to be huge market “winners” as they are constantly portrayed as something that hits home to most individuals. I love the commercial that was shown above. I think being a mother some times does go under the radar and presenting the hard work that a mother puts out there to raise a child and create our comfortable surroundings that we live in today has made these commercials a huge success.


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