Netflix Goes Euro

This week, Netflix came to Germany in France and has plans for the upcoming years to enter six additional European countries. This expansion will increase Netflix viewers by the millions.

But the dramatic change of audience brings the necessity for internal changes to the brand. Netflix will have to alter language settings and add native shows to the list. Many Europeans speak English, but with cultural differences, you can’t expect Europeans to love all of the same shows as Americans. The humor is different, the interactions are different, the homes, the clothes – you can’t expect Europeans to enjoy it in the same way that Americans do.

The way Europeans will watch Netflix is different as well. Europeans generally watch less TV than Americans do, so it is unlikely that the Europeans will spend hours and hours binge watching Breaking Bad.

To be successful in Europe, Netflix will have to alter itself to fit its new and growing audience, or at least split, in some way, into two separate brands. The logos, colors and main ideas of Netflix can remain consistent but in order to be a successful brand, Netflix has to change to accommodate all audiences. Perhaps certain functionalities and shows can vary for European users and Netflix can remain as is for its American users.

The most successful brands alter themselves to fit the audience. Sometimes they change product and sometimes they have to change their image. Communicating with your audience is the essence of advertising and successful brands. You can communicate with your audience unless you strive to identify with them. I think that Netflix will have to do a little bit of image and product revamping, and the best way to do it is two split into different branches, just as Netflix streaming and video has done. Never the less, we will have to wait for the next upcoming weeks to see how Europe reacts to the Netflix phenomenon that has already captivated the United States.


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5 thoughts on “Netflix Goes Euro

  1. I’ll be interested to see how well Netflix does in an international market. One option would be to have multiple sites, one for each company, which only features shows that are easy to market to the target country. On the other hand, Netflix could make the same videos available to everyone, adding more TV Shows and movies from the European market to the current website with subtitles. I hope Netflix chooses to diversify their options but I know this is likely the more expensive of the two choices, we’ll have to wait and see.


  2. As long as Netflix can have enough native options for European subscribers, they will be fine. It would also be interesting to include American shows with subtitles for those in Europe and put subtitles on European shows for Americans. It may be pricey, but it would create buzz for foreign shows throughout the world.


    • The idea of being able to watch hit TV shows from different countries, to me, sounds super interesting, and then people who complain about there not being enough choices on Netflix will literally have an international array of options.

      Side note: I wish Netflix had decided to expand Netflix when I was in Europe over the spring semester so I didn’t have to go to great lengths to watch Game of Thrones…


  3. I think this is a great expansion of the Netflix market. I like that it will be available when I travel abroad as well. I hope that the Pandora will hop in this expansion idea soon as well because there have been times when i’ve traveled and wanted to use it but it was not supported in the country I was in.
    I agree that Netflix will have to add some different shows etc in order to reach their audiences but I feel that they’ve expanded for a reason and that must me for consumer demand. I think they will continue to be successful in this new market. One thing I have noticed that Netflix has changed is their account access. It used to be that someone could sign up for an account and watch it on as many TV’s as they wanted. A lot of people that I know would just share accounts in order to avoid paying the subscription. However now Netflix only allows the account to be used limitedly. If you want to have the account on more than one TV there is a higher price for the subscription depending on the number of TVs requested. So they have finally caught on to the loop hole of free streaming.


  4. The only thing that surprises me about this is that it was not done sooner. Netflix is a great product, and I remember being in Europe and trying to get on Netflix a few years ago, only to find out that they did not have it. I think that it will really take off in Europe, as long as they can fill it with quality European films and television shows.


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