When was the first time you became aware of MTV? I recall my mother telling me NOT to watch MTV when I was little. She stated that it used to be a fun, innovative network that provided music videos 24/7. People from the middle of nowhere in America were able to watch the same cool music videos that someone in the Upper East side of New York- at the same time! Unfortunately, it began to change.

I wanted to see what was the “change” she referred to so I would wait for my mom to go upstairs. Once she did, I would click on channel 38 to see why she was so anti- MTV. Once the channel lit up, I realized why she was so determined to have me not view it- because it was filth.

With the creation of “Real World”  and other reality TV shows, it seemed that MTV turned from being innovative into being raunchy in order to receive attention.

Even though I don’t watch MTV for those reasons, it’s still one of the most popular stations for viewers age 12-late 20’s. This age group is known for being tech-savvy and up to date with the latest digital technology.

That’s why in 2014 MTV and HP created the Engine Room series. This was a six week period in which digital arts could compete in order to show off their design skills in the European markets. In order to increase the amount of people competing, MTV also partnered with AdMob in order to use its mobile advertising networks.

AdMob was able to tap into MTV’s youth markets while MTV was able to use AdMob’s mobile ad platform to “run eye-catching display banners and local language text link ads to country-specific mobile sites”.

The results from the Digital Case Study showed that the iPhone was an “especially responsive medium due to AdMob’s iPhone ad unit”.  The average click- through- rates (CTR) was 1.2% on iPhone in the United Kingdom and an average CTR across all other European markets exceeded 0.90%. In addition, over the 24 days of the campaign, AdMob had more than 11 million ad impressions. This exceed the campaign objectives on clicks.

Even though I personally don’t like MTV, I still believe that they are able to draw in young people and are strategic in order to assist other companies with bringing in young people to use mobile sites. This study was interesting in understanding how both companies were able to profit off each other while using their main target audience: young people!

Mahony, Ed. (2014, January 1). CASE STUDY MTV ; HP. Retrieved September 17, 2014, from http://www.admob.com/marketing/pdf/MTV_AdMobCaseStudy.pdf

4 thoughts on “I WANT MY MTV

  1. I agree with your opinion. I used to like MTV when I was younger because they played good and “cool” music videos and they were the best source for English music in my country. Today, I realize that they play the same songs for too many times, too many commercial breaks and too many fake reality shows that has no useful content. MTV forgot what their name stands for- MUSIC TELEVISION!


  2. I agree. MTV should leave television shows for other networks where that is their focus. They are missing out on helping artist to showcase their talent and videos. They’ve lost touch with what they are supposed to be about.


  3. MTV’s original advertising campaign was genius. They tapped into a market of powerful teenagers that did all of their advertising and begging and pleading for them. The fact that they have fallen so far is upsetting. No one regards MTV as a hub for music anymore – its a place for reality shows. Trashy reality shows, at that. If they want to produce content, at least make it good.


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