Go, Go Daddy!

Go Daddy is a computer domain registration company that was founded in 1997. Until recently it was a company that I abhorred with intense dedication. I’ve never used Go Daddy’s services nor have I ever known anyone who has worked for the company so you might wonder what reason I could have for disliking a company I’ve had no contact with. The answer is simple: because of their commercials. If any of you have had the displeasure of watching Go Daddy’s 2013 Superbowl commercial, first,  let me offer you my condolences. Second, let me apologize even further for posting the link below.

Seriously. I’m sorry. The reason I posted…well, whatever you would call THAT is because I wanted make the difference between Go Daddy’s old ad campaign “Sexy Meets Smart” and their new campaign “Provocative with Purpose” all the more apparent.  The new ads, which premiered this past Monday on ESPN, still have an edge which Go Daddy likes to associate themselves with but are much less likely to described as “pornographic”. What more is that these ads are funny and enjoyable to watch. When you have a commercial that consumers can actually sit through I imagine it will be a great boost to the company’s revenue and familiarity with the product. The link to the new ads is listed below, but before I finish I want to bring your attention to how these ads are actually mentioning small businesses, the targeted demographic for Go Daddy.


3 thoughts on “Go, Go Daddy!

  1. I agree with you regarding “Go Daddy’s” advertising techniques in the past. Sex sells has become cliche at this point in time. With the way television, movies and the music industry is over-sexualized these commercials are not “shocking” but rather something you roll your eyes. I am surprised that Go Daddy decided to (thankfully) change up their advertising. I wonder what (or who) created the change? Very interesting.


  2. HAhahaha okay first off I am laughing so hard at that second new commercial. Well done, GoDaddy.

    I am very surprised and happy that GoDaddy has changed up their advertisements, because I sincerely never even knew what GoDaddy.com was when they first started airing commercials up until about like, two years ago, maybe. The one that you posted honestly kind of grossed me out… Being that close up to two mouths making out is really gross and in my opinion, based off of how long the close up shot went on for, was pornographic. They easily could have made that commercial not nearly as uncomfortable if they had just like, showed the two kissing for 2 seconds OR just had them walk into a separate room so that the viewer could just use their imagination.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Their old commercials didn’t do a good job of selling the product. Most of them didn’t even mention what kind of product Go Daddy was trying to sell! And even if you did know what kind of product they were selling, would a small business owner really want to use Go Daddy when their commercials portray the company as sleazy? Personally, I would have chosen Squarespace.


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