Advertising For Awareness

The NFL has been dealing with a lot of controversy as of late. Several prominent players have been committing horrible acts of violence against women and children. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is one of the NFL’s best players, and this week it was reported that he has been accused of beating two of his four-year-old children. One was beaten with a tree branch and suffered serious injuries that were documented and posted online. The NFL has taken no action against Peterson yet as he awaits trial. His team has deactivated him while the situation is resolved. This incident made me wonder if any organizations advertise for anti child abuse foundations or campaigns. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is an organization that focuses on providing long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers all over the world. They advocate for the protection of children from domestic abuse and exploitation, and this advertisement is a chilling call to support the foundation as they attempt to help abused kids.

The advertisement really sticks with you, and makes you think differently about the way children should be disciplined. Many parents continue to discipline their children with violence, and Peterson admits to doing this to his sons. He claims that he was disciplined in the same way and it made him into the man he is today. The NFL should consider partnering with UNICEF and creating advertisements to advocate for the protection of children.

Much of the focus has been on that of violence against women, and rightfully so, but the issue of child abuse cannot be ignored. If the NFL can commit to advocating for the protection of women AND children, the league can position itself as a caring organization rather than a greedy, violent league. The potential partnership with women’s groups is extremely important, as Commissioner Roger Goodell has no support from the women’s rights groups Ultraviolent. They flew over several NFL stadiums with an anti Goodell banner in tow.

At this point, the NFL needs to show the nation they are committed to supporting anti domestic violence campaigns, and this can be accomplished by suspending any domestic violence offenders in the league immediately. They can also create advertisements to advocate for the groups. This is a very tough issue and thus far, the NFL has not handled the subjects of women and child abuse well at all. They need to punish players that commit these crimes and show their support through partnership and advertisements with advocacy groups.

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4 thoughts on “Advertising For Awareness

  1. The domestic violence “costume” ad sticks with you for a long time. Very powerful message.

    The NFL has long had a problem with violence and its players, but these recent charges are the most troubling in a long line of criminal charges. As seen by the banner that flew over a recent game, commissioner Goodell is at the bottom of public opinion right now, and what he and the NFL do next will have far-reaching ramifications for football in America for years to come.


  2. I agree that the NFL needs to act differently regarding domestic violence, and I think that the public pushing for change is helping a lot. I already know the NFL has changed its policy regarding players accused of domestic violence. The CoverGirl photoshopped picture I blogged about is a very powerful way to get the message across. A few days ago I was watching Entertainment Tonight and an ex-football player was saying NFL players have a lot of built up anger they can’t let out and that is why so many of them become abusive. The NFL should partner up with a program that helps abusive people sort out their problems.


  3. I don’t follow sports but am I the only one that thinks/hopes NFL won’t be able to come back from this? It’s not that I hate football, I understand its like “the best sport ever” “go amurrca” and all that but regardless this is still a huge issue that MUST be addressed. Its abhorrent that they aren’t reacting to the players’ actions or permanently suspending the abusers. The NFL is making so much money still, despite all of this negative press. The players should have all of their titles stripped, and sponsorships taken away. Why would we want our next generations looking up to these people, or this corporation? Saying that ignoring a problem will make it go away is not okay and not affective. The NFL is a shit show and I’m pretty sure there is just too much damage to repair at this point. Sure, the advertisements could help but people’s opinions will be hard to change when the actual corporation is doing nothing but paying $ to make their problems go away.


  4. I agree that the NFL handled these multiple abuse cases extremely poorly, and got caught brushing the worst parts of the situations under the table. In my opinion, it’s a little too late for the NFL to redeem themselves. Even if they were launch an anti-abuse campaign, I feel like it would bring even more negative attention to the notion that the NFL is only sorry about this because they got caught neglecting to punish their players. Besides, an anti-abuse ad doesn’t mean that the abuse will stop.


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