Online Country Clubs. Is There No End?

There are many things that us “ordinary” people roll our eyes at when hearing about the lavish purchases the rich and famous make. Things like butlers, private jets and dog manicures are things that most of us will never be able to attain. However, you could see how a person with a ton of money that had nothing better to spend it on might pay for these items. Sometimes, though, the elite spend their money on something so ridiculous and unnecessary that it makes you want to puke.Online CC

The newest item that is a member of this puke-inducing list is the “Netropolitan”. The “Netropolitan” is a social network that allows users to have a completely ad free online experience and allows high-rollers to connect with each other.

One would guess that this online service might cost around $1000. This guess would be way off track though. Try multiplying it by six. Yep, in order for people to be part of this online club, they have to pay a $6000 initiation fee and then an additional $3000 a year, making the “Netropolitan” just as expensive as many non-virtual country clubs.

Although this is something that I not only would never purchase but also could never purchase, I can see what the appeal is. It’s very frustrating to use most social media sites due to the excessive amount of ads that you are constantly bombarded with. No matter what site you use (not just social media sites) you know that someone is tracking what you’re doing and using this information to try and get you to buy something.

If somebody told me that I could have an ad-free internet experience, I would absolutely do it. Everyone hates ads and pop-ups. Even if there was a small fee, I would definitely pay for it. However, charging people $9,000 in their first year is insane. Unless you are on a Kardashian caliber or better, I can’t imagine that it would be worth it.

This being said, I guess I could not judge anyone based on their extravagant purchases. When you consider the fact that there are many people in the world that think me purchasing a $4 cup of coffee is just as ridiculous as someone paying for ad-free internet. It’s easy to be critical of the things that people who have more than you do because it prevents jealousy. However, when you look back and see that there are people in the world that do the same thing to you, it puts everything into perspective.


Thomson, I., & The Register. (2014, September 16). Would you pay $9,000 to flee Facebook bores? There’s a web country club for you. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “Online Country Clubs. Is There No End?

  1. It is really hard for me to imagine paying for this service because I could never part with that much money out of pure convenience. However, if I was a millionaire? Possibly. The amount of advertisements that bombard online users on every webpage are verging on ridiculous. Especially somewhat sketchy sites. Can you imagine watching TV Shows online without the horrible popups. Definitely worth it.


  2. I find this service completely ridiculous. Maybe its just me but I have never been that bothered by an advertisement that I would be willing to pay that much for it. I feel like this is they type of service people pay for just to say that they have it. It’s not that hard to exit out of a pop up, it may be annoying but it really doesn’t have that much effect.


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