A New Image for GoDaddy.com

In recent years, GoDaddy.com has made a name for themselves in large part because of their advertising campaign. They have always been known for their racy commercials featuring high-profile female celebrities, often in provocative scenarios. This has been their main advertising strategy for years, and they are always among the most anticipated commercials during the Super Bowl, which is where they have received much of their success. But is the sexy approach getting old? Personally, I feel like in the past couple years, GoDaddy.com has really been slipping with their commercials. The novelty has worn off and a lot of their more recent commercials have been more uncomfortable and awkward than they have been cool and sexy. For example, this commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl was extremely cringe-worthy.

This commercial was not nearly as well received as their past attempts, and it was criticized by Forbes for the awful sound of the kiss that viewers had to endure. GoDaddy started to deviate more from the sexual theme in their commercials for their 2014 Super Bowl ad.

While this commercial isn’t as risqué or provocative as their past ads, I still don’t think it does a good job of advertising GoDaddy.com. A group of jacked bodybuilders running like animals to a tanning salon really doesn’t have anything to do with selling domain names. Without the GoDaddy logo appearing at the end, most people would never have even known it was a GoDaddy commercial. This is one of the biggest flaws that GoDaddy has had in their ad campaign in my opinion. Even though their commercials are seen by many people and have been fairly popular, they don’t do a good job of letting consumers know the service that GoDaddy offers them. I had seen their commercials during the Super Bowl for years before I ever knew they sold domain names.

Earlier this week, however GoDaddy.com debuted two new commercials in an attempt to reinvent the image of their advertising strategies.

I believe that these two commercials are the two best that GoDaddy has produced to date. For starters, they appeal to a broader audience. In the past, the sexy GoDaddy commercials were targeted mainly at men due to their sexual portrayal of women. By going for a more humorous approach, I believe they will be able to reach a more diverse audience with these commercials, and perhaps one that is predominantly women seeing as the protagonist in both ads is a woman. Secondly, these ads do a much better job of displaying what GoDaddy actually does: sell domain names. Not only do the commercials let consumers know that is what GoDaddy does, but they do so in a way that tells viewers that using GoDaddy can empower you as a small business owner and help get you started.

Another aspect of these ads that I like a lot is the quick shift from serious to funny. At the start of each, they don’t seem to be humorous at all. They both feature very ordinary looking women who calmly tell the viewer the struggles they faced with their small business, and how GoDaddy helped them to overcome those struggles. And then all the sudden it shifts to the character either yelling “Stick It!” to all those who doubted her, or, as in the second commercial, breaking into an impromptu dance, both of which I thought were very funny.

What do you think of these new commercials? Are they better or worse than the old ones?

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5 thoughts on “A New Image for GoDaddy.com

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one that feels so uncomfortable about first two commercials. No matter when the content of the commercial has to relate to the brand or product, I think GoDaddy failed to present itself in the first two.


  2. These ads are so weird. They are kind of confusing and you’re not sure what they’re for until the end. However, they always get you thinking about them and, in turn, thinking about the company. That is what advertising is all about, so I think they’re good for the brand.


  3. I think the point is that GoDaddy wants their ads to be odd and outlandish and they don’t necessarily care about telling people about what they do in the 30 seconds of airtime they have. Their weird ads get people talking. It is more of a strategy to increase inbound marketing – getting people to come to them and look them up because the commercial is in their head.


  4. I am so glad GoDaddy has taken a different approach to its advertising campaign. I actually never knew what GoDaddy was until I read this post. I have seen numerous commercials over the year, but never completely understood what they were selling. I agree that they will reach a much broader audience with their new commercials. They also have a tag line that will stick in people’s heads.


  5. GoDaddy has always had very strange ads. They clearly want to generate as much buzz as possible by being weird for the sake of weird. It must be working because they continue to put these ads out there.


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