What if you could control your dreams?


“What if you could dream without limits?”
I like to believe that everyone dreams at night, but some people say that isn’t true. My response when I hear that is that those who think they don’t dream probably just don’t remember, so it seems like they didn’t dream.
Check out this new innovative concept for dreamers in the video below:

Danny Schoonover and Andrew Smiley have created a new concept of a dream-enhancing headband that plays special lights and sounds during the REM cycle to help you become aware that you are dreaming, while you stay asleep. This then allows you to take control of your dreams.
What many people don’t understand about dreams is the power that you can train yourself to have over them. I know several people who hate when they dream because they always have these terrible nightmares. So what if you could change a nightmare into a really exhilarating or enlightening dream? There are different techniques and methods that many people practice in order to train themselves on how to take control of their dreams. (See video below for details on this) A website called spirit science (http://thespiritscience.net/) also has a few posts on this and “Lucid Dreams.”
In order to take control of your dream, you have to realize during a dream that you are in fact dreaming. Once this happens you are able to open doors to a whole new creative land. I have always been really intrigued by the concept of dreams because I have always had really vivid dreams my entire life. There have also been two occasions where I’ve had a dream at night, and then the very next day everything that happened was exactly the same as it was like in my dream. It was pretty intense, and I knew from the moment I woke up that it was going to be like that because I just had this weird unexplainable “Déjà vu” type feeling. Another dream that I had about a year ago I realized in my dream that I was dreaming, so I was able to start controlling the dream and I decided to start flying around and it was the most amazing dream ever. I felt so free and it felt so real. It was like being on a roller coaster but even better. When I woke up from that I felt almost enlightened because the experience was so surreal.
So over all I think this headband concept is pretty cool, and I like that they have actually done research and tested out the product and feel ensured that it really works. I like that they have used new technology and incorporated a smart phone app with it as well. However I don’t know if this would be very comfortable to sleep in. What do you think of this? Do you wish you could control your dreams?

Lastly, I have a blog that I keep where I post all the dreams that I remember. So if you feel like checking that out here is the link:


For more on Lucid Dreaming see the video below:

For more on the concept of controlling your dreams see the link below:



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3 thoughts on “What if you could control your dreams?

  1. This is a very interesting post. I have always found dreams fascinating. If this is true, it sounds like something that would be pretty fun to explore.


  2. I have crazy dreams too! I get really excited when I find fellow vivid dreamers, I think dreams give SO much insight into the subconcious and if they’re analyzed correctly, can give you really great insight into thoughts/emotions you weren’t even aware you had.

    I feel like I’ve read somewhere that lucid dreaming, while awesome and cool, is actually bad for you because you aren’t really getting a true, restful night’s sleep. So yeah, I would like to control my dreams sometimes just so I could live underwater and fly around the world, maybe go on a date with Brad Pitt or something, but I really do enjoy the dreams that I already have and analyzing them.

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  3. Definitely not into this. Dreams are meant to be weird and make no sense. If you have people controlling their dreams, weird things are going to happen. The science and technology is incredible, however. It’s scary to think abut all the mind control that is going to happen in the future.


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