The Good Old Times

In a world of changing generations, it is hard to effectively advertise and market to all audiences. Such generations are “Generation X”, “Generation Y”, Millenials, and “Generation Z”. However, Internet Explorer found a way to advertise to all four generations at once. In their most recent advertisement, it starts off by telling its viewers that “we met in the 90’s”. As the video continues, different toys and products were shown, all of which were all popular in the 90’s. Things such as Digi Pets, snap bracelets and light up shoes. As I showed more and more people, it was apparent that most of these generational products are recognized by Americans who grew up in the 90’s. Among that list of products was Internet Explorer, which was a common internet browser used in the early generations of internet. After watching the commercial, I felt like I needed to go try out the “New” Internet Explorer. At the end of the commercial, it shows internet explorer being used on a tablet which creates a relevance to the younger generations, such as Generation Z. Overall, this ad does a wonderful job of connecting with the old customers, and pulling in the new. This idea is very similar to the example we saw in class with the Fuller Brush campaign. In the Fuller Brush campaign, the older generation was targeted, while also pulling in the younger generations. As we mentioned in the video, once people from Generation Y connect to a brand, they are forever loyal to that brand. This commercial covers many different values in advertisement like we talked of in class. For example, the time travel affect was used, sending its viewers back to the 90’s by letting them experience these products again. The advertisement also had a psychological affect on the audience, allowing the viewer to recall and remember the experiences they had with these products. And finally, the product of Internet Explorer serves a functional purpose, which is another important advertising value.

blog post 2Full length of young men and women holding cellphone

The only downside I could see is that I’m sure other campaigns have incorporated the “90’s” kids effect as well. It is a very popular tag line, especially on twitter. So it doesn’t entirely avoid duplication. I would say this campaign in its entirety was very successful and well thought out. Not only was I able to connect to it as a 90’s child, but so did everyone else that I showed the video to.

Do you think that it is possible to reach various different target markets with one marketing or advertising strategy? How so?


“Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 11 Sept. 2014.

One thought on “The Good Old Times

  1. I do think that it is possible to reach different target audiences with one marketing campaign, however, I think that it is different to do. I think that the ad would have to focus on something that people of all kinds of demographics like, such as a sport like football in America. I think that the internet explorer ad that you focused on did a good job of reaching a wide range of people.


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