Snapchat: The Next Leader in Digital Advertising

As many young smartphone users know, Snapchat has grown to be one of the most widely used social media platforms to date. It provides users with the ability to send quick pictures or videos to friends which are only viewable for a minute amount of time. Due to it’s increase in success, companies have started to wonder how could they use Snapchat in a way to benefit them.

Here are some statistics on the strength of Snapchat’s presence in today’s digital age. According to statistics, Snapchat is the third most used app by Millenials, ages 18-34.


Companies have realized that banner ads and video ads while gain some attention, have the opportunity to push people away rather than attract them. Snapchat has given companies the opportunity to showcase their product or service in an engaging way. Companies such as Audi, Taco Bell, McDonald’s and even the New Orleans Saints have used Snapchat as a marketing tool.

Snapchat is used as a way for consumers to get an inside look at new products, photo shoots and interviews. Free People, a fashion company, gave users a sneak peek at upcoming collections and top models. Not only does it attract consumers to buy products, it develops a relationship with them and brand loyalty.

Companies are not only using Snapchat for products but it is being used for events too. New York Fashion Week, Electric Zoo and Apple Live are a few events that have been showcased on Snapchat’s “Our Story”. Consumers get to experience these events without actually being there.


Snapchat has changed the game for digital advertising. It gives ample opportunity for companies and consumers to gain benefits from it’s usage. While Snapchat as an advertising platform is still relatively new, it will be interesting to see it’s growth and what other innovative ways can advertising be used.


3 thoughts on “Snapchat: The Next Leader in Digital Advertising

  1. This is so true! I heard from a lot of my friends, who are Snapchat users, about their positivity towards having stories for major events. Not only does it bring more awareness, but it also provides a real-life perspective. It’s something that hasn’t taken a long time to plan before hand. It’s right there and in the moment. I think Millenials really appreciate that.


  2. I agree, it is definitely an innovative way to advertise. On the flip side though I have heard some friends say that they feel like its intrusive in some ways when they get what seems to be “spam” snaps from certain companies. I think it really just depends on the person though. I also absolutely love the “my story” section and the live feeds that they tend to have on there. It makes the app more personalized and a stronger connection with its users and gives them that feeling like they are actually there experiencing the event.


  3. Snapchat stories are a great brand promotion tool. Snapchat users are not forced to view the story. If they do decide to view the story, I assume the majority are happy with the “inside look” they received by only holding down a button.


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