IPhone 6 has been THE hot topic of the week. Everywhere you turn whether it be the news or your family member, the new iPhone is casually brought up. Many blogs and websites saturate the internet discussing how the IPhone 6 is worse or better than the previous phones. My blog article will (thankfully) not be discussing the pros and cons about the new iPhone. Instead i’m going to talk about the other item created by Apple that has also received much discussion- the Apple Watch and Apple’s advertising.

The big discussion regarding the Apple Watch is the comparison between its competitor’s technological watches. According to the Wall Street Journal, it states that “the bar set by the competition isn’t incredibly high…The Apple Watch looks great…”. Apple has been known to create innovative products that are also visually appealing. In addition, Apple also has been known to create monumental advertisements that emotionally impact customers.

Advertisements (such as the one below) are effective in terms of showcasing the product and using a catchy phrase in order to draw customers in. Another creative advertising technique Apple did was by collaborating with U2. U2 released their new album, Songs of Innocence, for free on iTunes the day Apple introduced the Apple Watch.


According to aplus.com article, the iWatch has many excellent features including: Siri, real time notifications, detecting heart and pulse rate, tracking your fitness progress, vibrations when you change directions while walking/driving, locking your car or hotel room and taping your contacts digitally (“Digital Touch”).

My question is: how will Apple be able to make customer’s bring back wearing watches? Since so many features on their phones replace watches, I am curious to see how will they advertise tp young people, (who primarily don’t own a watch) that they should NOT use their iPhone and instead use their watch to tell time. In addition, how will Apple’s competitors try to change the manner in which their current technological watches fail to impress consumers? My questions depend immensely on how competitors and Apple advertise their product.

There are no questions asked that the Apple Watch will end up being the one of Apple’s new game changing product. Apple was able to create a need for consumers to want to buy their computers, phones, iPads and iPods. I am positive that they will be able to use their brilliant advertisements in order to continue to create a need for consumers to buy the Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2, 3 until infinity.






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