Fashion Peacock

10553452_692388300835987_266346578682344034_n                                                                                                  Photo credit to Ryan Liu

                 Designer’s clothes, check! Make-up, check! Paparazzi, check! Pose and flaunt away fellow fashion lovers! Unleash your inner peacock attitude and strut down the streets of New York with pride and love for fashion. All the Peacocks out there are geared up and ready to be swarmed by the photographers, or in another case, rejected by them. This opportunity only occurs twice a year and Fashionistas from all around the world are paying a pilgrimage to New York City, once in February (Fall/Winter) and once in September (Spring/Summer). It is outrageous! This year, 2014, the fashion spotlights are shining upon New York from September 4 to September 11. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you the New York Fashion Week 2014. #nyfw.

                  Advertising companies and their associates see this occasion as a big opportunity to earn some big bucks and exposure. They infiltrate through every possible chance they could get to sponsor the fashion week. The aim is to get exposure and eventually contribute to the brands profit. The brands persuade the audience by mesmerizing them with the desire to be “on-top”, to be edgy, almost like selling them the prestige they yearn for through fashion. Mercedes-Benz officially became the sponsor of the event since 2007 and New York Fashion Week was known as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” from then on.


Mercedes-Benz became a proud sponsor of NYFW because of “a belief shared with the fashion industry that standards are set by those who innovate and show leadership in their respective fields.” As of 2009, models walked the runway carrying Hewlett Packard mini notebook computers in the Vivienne Tam show instead of the expected handbag. All are the gimmicks of advertising. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has grown huge, everyone wants to be part of it. And voila, here’s the lineup of some of the sponsors of this year’s fashion week- Tresemme, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Diet Coke, Millercoors and Kleenex. Kleenex is perhaps the oddest collaboration with the fashion week and it is seemingly one of those non-traditional brands that wants to be involved in the event. Because of the huge audience, everyone is fighting for the spotlight.

On the other hand, social media never miss out, they sure have their hands on this reputable event. Social media are a crucial tool to everyone including the fashion elites, socialites, celebrities, you and me and everyone else. Famous people utilize social media to boost their popularity, to advertise their sponsors and to create more exposure. This is why the hashtag #nyfw, videos and images of the happenings during the fashion week hype are ubiquitous on the Internet especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here are some quick examples:

Also, technologies help set trends. Users tend to follow the trend established by their fashion idols and also to know what’s “in” and what’s “out” by being updated through technologies. In this case, technology is the means by which fashion enthusiasts from other parts of the world employ to keep their eyes on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Most obvious than not, top designers or top brands see social media and broadcast media, generally all forms of media as a platform for them to showcase their collections to potential buyers. They too enchant the audience and strategize to stand out from the contending designers with their specially designed runway stages. For example, Ralph Lauren took an outlandish approach and had their models walking on a holographic runway. How impressive and innovative is that? Art, technology, music and fashion had come together as one to create a one-of-its-kind fashion show. If you are intrigued, click on the link below!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 1.12.18 AM

All in all, everything is about advertising. It is so subtle that it affects you subliminally. This explains why advertising is inevitable and omnipresent under every spotlight in every part of the world. And today, the fashion luminaries have created more space for advertising effort to grow and to take the audience to a lifestyle of another level because advertisements set the ideas that fit the future.



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2 thoughts on “Fashion Peacock

  1. I loved this article about NYFW. It is a hub for advertising for companies and a great way for them to connect with the fashion community whether on a large or small scale. One interesting way I saw NYFW being advertised was through Snapchat. If you have one, on the MyStory section there is a NYFW button that gives you a behind the scenes look at the shows, people attending it and models. Another example of how advertising and NYFW come together. Great article!


  2. Fashion and New York Fashion week is one of the craziest places to see advertisements! They get so creative. I know the account @TwitterFashion, ran by Twitter, handed out free phone cases to their top fashion tweeters to use. All of the bloggers got photographed in the front row – holding up their Twitter logo covered phone cases! It was a unique way to get the Twitter logo everywhere during NYFW.


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