Falling In Love… With Your Next Agency

Tinder, Grinder, now Pitcher… what’s next? Friender? Currently there seems to be an obsession with this system of instant gratification. Pitcher is the latest app to join the “hot or not” family and hails from Amsterdam. It allows for users to swipe through a listing of creative agencies in a format very similar to Tinder. Clients can view agency profiles and even filter by strengths they are searching for such as branding capabilities, low fees and past campaigns.

Users within the interface can compile a list of agencies they are interested in and obtain contact information directly through the app. Basically it makes it very easy to find what you are looking for, never having to reach out until you are absolutely sure that you like what you see.

The ad itself for the app isn’t even that entertaining. It’s very basic in the way it presents the product, and hardly shows the interface. I think it leaves a lot of people questioning why they would ever use an application such Pitcher. If a client were in the market for a new agency, wouldn’t they just research more thoroughly online? Not everything requires a convenience factor today.

So why is there the need for applications like this in the first place? Is it because we feel we must try to be more connected than ever—because we are less connected than ever? That we need to fill the gaps that were once full when we communicated face to face with people? And is it really necessary for advertising agencies to jump on this trend wagon?

Pitch culture is such an important component of the advertising world. It’s how an agency makes an impression on the client. It’s how they are able to express themselves and their talents. This app doesn’t follow suit with pitch culture at all. It eliminates the risk associated with putting oneself and work out there. It eliminates the need to really impress someone. It is a halfhearted attempt to catch someone’s attention quickly and try and prove worthiness.

With as much wonderful creative talent that comes out of most advertising agencies around the world, I question why they felt the need to rely on an app like this to sell themselves. Yes, Amsterdam is a smaller market. Still though, it seems like a cheep way to try and make a connection. Not every trend needs to be followed. What do you think? And what do you foresee being the next company to hop on the “hot or not” trend?

One thought on “Falling In Love… With Your Next Agency

  1. I completely agree with your position that this advertising company is taking the cheap way out. I understand that social media and promoting companies or products might be the most effective way to tell as many people as possible, but this is a dangerous road for advertising agencies to go on. In ten years the need for advertising companies could be completely eliminated if everyone used social media to promote brands. The company should be wary of the effects they may have on the future.


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